University of Kentucky College of Agriculture


Associate Extension Professor – Forest Products

Terry ConnersContact me:
214 T.P. Cooper Building (office 205)
University of Kentucky 
Lexington, KY 40546-0073 
Tel: 859-619-9018
Fax: 859-323-1031 
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B.S. in Forest Products, The Pennsylvania State University, 1976
M.S. in Wood Science and Technology, University of Massachusetts, 1979
Ph.D. in Forestry and Forest Products, Virginia Tech, 1985

Academic Interests:
Wood-moisture relations; sawmilling and dry kiln operation; wood energy

Professional Affiliation:
Ohio Valley Lumber Drying Association; Kentucky Forest Industries Association; Central Kentucky Wood Producers Association; Society for Wood Science and Technology; The Railway Tie Association; Editorial Board member for International Wood Products Journal

Recent Projects:
Evaluating the economics and engineering practicality for converting large coal-fired boilers to woody biomass-fueled boilers; Wood identification courses for the general public and for museum conservators; Coordinator, 4-H Forestry youth program (with Doug McLaren)

Selected Publications and Presentations:

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