University of Kentucky College of Agriculture


Assistant Professor – Forest Management

Marco ContrerasContact me:
214 T.P. Cooper Building (office: 204)
University of Kentucky
Lexington, KY 40546-0073
Tel: 859-257-5666
Fax: 859-323-1031 

Forest Management Research Lab


Research Interests

I am broadly interested in developing decision support systems (DSS) to improve the economic efficiency of forest management practices, including both market and non-market values, while ensuring environmental sustainability and operational feasibility.  I am particularly interested in combining modern optimization and modeling techniques with advanced geographic information systems (GIS) and remote sensing technology to address a number of important problems facing forest managers.  Typically, these problems arise from trying to achieve multiple goals that involve tradeoffs and from the increasing complexity of economic, social, and ecological systems that influence management decisions.

Specific research topics: