University of Kentucky College of Agriculture


Data Systems Manager, Adjunct Instructor

Darryl CremeansContact me:
121a T.P. Cooper Building
University of Kentucky
Lexington, KY 40546-0073
Tel: 859-257-1396
Fax: 859-323-1031

1992 - University of Kentucky, Doctor of Philosophy in Soil Science with Geology Minor.
1987 - University of Kentucky, Master of Science in Forestry (University Scholar)
1985 - University of Kentucky, Bachelor of Science in Forestry with distinction.
1983 - University of Kentucky (Ashland Community College), Associate in Science.

Courses Taught:
FOR 150 -
Computer Applications in Natural Resource Professions

FOR 250 - Statistics and Measurements I

I provide for the current and future electronic needs of the Forestry Department.  I plan and implement strategies that best utilize the available resources in order to satisfy research, extension, instruction, and administrative needs.  I manage the departmental computer budget.  I track the computer inventory and try to optimally allocate resources.  I troubleshoot hardware and software problems on over 150 personal computers at three locations.  I established 2 student computer labs which I maintain.  I administer our growing network and I publish our web site.
    I have been involved with computers since the mid-80s.  In that time, the world of computing has reinvented itself multiple times.  From an IBM XT running DOS to a 386 running Windows 3.1 on a Novell network to the latest hardware/software solutions, I have evolved with the technology.  This real-time learning is crucial to this fast paced area.  I acquire the skills I need to get the job done asap.  I make sure that a number of projects get done on time and within budget.