University of Kentucky College of Agriculture


Research Specialist

Carroll FacklerContact me:
130 Robinson Road, room 119
Jackson, KY 41339-9081
Office: (606) 666-2438, ext. 235
or (859) 257-9511, ext. 235
Lab: (606) 666-4116
or (859) 257-9511, ext. 269, 270, or 271
Fax: (606) 666-2215
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A. S. Forestry and Wood Technology
B. S. Agriculture Education

Extension Responsibilities:
Responsibilities include providing wood related research facilities for regional and state researchers. We also provide industry assistance, as well as educational and extension training programs at the Wood Utilization Center, Robinson Station, Quicksand KY.

Educational programs at the Wood Utilization Center include: technical training, wood industry related short courses, in-service training for Cooperative Extension Agents and assisting with the Forestry and Wood Technology Program in cooperation with the University of Kentucky and Hazard Community and Technical College.

The Wood Utilization Center research and development programs include: research on wood and wood products, and wood machining in cooperation with various universities, industry, both primary and secondary, government agencies, and private research groups.

Industry assistance programs include: outreach in-plant training, and industry technical assistance, and primary and secondary wood industry development.