University of Kentucky College of Agriculture


PhD student

UK Arboretum Curator

Todd Rounsaville
Title of Dissertation:
Biology and ecology of Euonymus fortunei


Web Site:

Research Interests:
invasive species biology, plant conservation, evolution, polyploidy, plant taxonomy, urban forestry

Supervisor's/advisor's name:
Mary Arthur

Peer Reviewed Publications:
Rounsaville, T.J., D.H. Touchell, and T.G. Ranney. 2011. Fertility and reproductive pathways in diploid and triploid Miscanthus sinensis. Hortscience 46(10): 1353-1357 HortScience (Cover).

Rounsaville, T.J., D.H. Touchell, T.G. Ranney, and F.A. Blazich. 2011. Micropropagation of Mahonia ‘Soft Caress’. Hortscience 46(7): 1010-1014.

Rounsaville, T.J. and T.G. Ranney. 2010. Ploidy levels and genome sizes of Berberis L. and Mahonia Nutt. species, hybrids, and cultivars. Hortscience 45(7): 1029-1033.