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Associate Professor – Silviculture & Forest Soils (9 month appointment)

Paul KaliszContact me:
214 Thomas Poe Cooper Building  (Office: 102)
Lexington, KY 40546-0073
Phone: (859) 257-7606
Fax: (859) 323-1031

B.S., The Pennsylvania State University, Forestry, 1973-1977, degree earned 1977.
M.S., Cornell University, Agronomy (Forest Soils), 1977-1979, degree earned 1979.
Ph.D., University of Florida, Soil Science, 1979-1982, degree earned 1982.

Professional and research experience
Peace Corps, Nepal; "Green Revolution" improvement of rice, wheat, and sweet corn varieties in the Himalayan foothills; Agricultural Extension Agent; 1967-1968; 2 year.

U.S. Navy; active duty; 1968-1973, 5 years.

Pennsylvania State University, Stone Valley Experimental Forest; day-to-day management of university's experimental forest and participation in gypsy moth research projects; Student Employee; 1974-1977; 3 years.

Cornell University, Department of Agronomy; teaching assistance and research in forest soils; Research Assistant; 1977-1979; 2 years.

University of Florida, Department of Soil Science; teaching assistance and research in forest soils; Research Assistant; 1979-1982; 3 years.

University of Florida, Department of Soil Science; research related to rooting characteristics of forest trees; Research Associate; 1982-1983; 1 year.

University of Kentucky, Department of Forestry & Graduate Program in Soil Science; Assistant Professor, 1983-1988; Associate Professor, 1989-present; 18.5 years.

Teaching experience






University of Kentucky

Assistant Professor, Associate Professor

Silviculture, Forest Soils



Dates of appointment and promotions at present institution
Initial Appointment: 1983 (Assistant Professor)
Promotion: 1989 (Associate Professor with tenure)

Selected Publications
Kalisz, P.J. 1997. Ecoforestry and the Wildlands Project in postmodern America. Pages 3-8 IN N.P. Hitt (coordinator) Proceedings From The 1996 Central Appalachian Ecological Integrity Conference. January 26-28, 1996, Massanetta Springs, VA

Kalisz, P.J. and A. Carrico. 1997. Caution: increment boring is hazardous to the health of trees. Wild Earth 7:29-30.

Powell, J.E. and P.J. Kalisz. 1998. Household vermicomposting. Appalachia - Science in the Public Interest Technical Paper series

Kalisz, P.J. 1999. Forestry education in America: it's time for a change. Distant Thunder (Newsletter of the Forest Stewards' Guild), Spring/Summer.

Jones, B. and P.J. Kalisz, P.J. 2000. Earthworms (Oligochaeta; Lumbricidae) in high-maintenance and low-maintenance lawns in Lexington, Kentucky. J of the Kentucky Academy of Science 61(1):1-5.

Kalisz, P.J. and J.E. Powell. 2000. Effect of prescribed fire on soil invertebrates in upland forests on the Cumberland Plateau of Kentucky, USA. Natural Areas Journal 20(4):336-341.

Kalisz, P.J. and J.E. Powell. 2000. Invertebrate macrofauna under old growth and minimally disturbed second growth forests of the Appalachian Mountains of Kentucky. American Midland Naturalist 144(2):297-307.