Update on the male bear M19
Maehr and crew with female bear

M19 was first captured in October 2006 as a 90-pound yearling in Highlands County, Florida as part of a black bear ecology and conservation study conducted by Dave Maehr and his graduate students at the University of Kentucky.  In May of 2007 he was recaptured as a 250-pound 28-month-old and fitted with a Lotek GPS/GSM collar that collected locations every 20 minutes.  Within weeks of this capture he embarked on a dispersal event that took him to North Ft. Myers - a 55-kilometer straight-line distance.  During the 3 months that he was monitored his actual travels covered more than 1,218 miles (an average of 13.5 kilometers per day). 

The sequence of photos, captured with a Bushnell trail camera, shows M19 (and an unidentified bear) investigating a culvert trap baited with pastries.  The most inquisitive bear is M19.  He investigates a variety of alternative approaches to the bait before attempting to stretch far enough to reach it.  Failing to do so, he grabs the bag of donuts, but can not make good his escape.  We promptly sedated him and removed the collar with the valuable data depicted in the last slide