University of Kentucky College of Agriculture


Management Forester

Chris OsbourneContact Me:
617 Clemons Fork Rd
Clayhole KY, 41317
Office/Fax: (606) 666-9995
Camp Phone: (606) 666-5034

Education: B.S. Forestry, University of KY, 2007

Professional Affiliations: Society of American Foresters, Eastern Forest Research Managers Group

Responsibilities: Maintain continuous forest inventory data at Robinson Forest including field data collection, data entry and data summarization and management. Maintain database of forest activities, operations, and disturbances including spatial location and relevant data acquisition. Develop, maintain, summarize and provide documentation required for forest certification and other certification and licensing required. Facilitate the use of Robinson Forest by those approved to conduct teaching, research and Extension activities. Assist in developing forestry demonstration and teaching areas at Robinson Forest and potentially other forested areas owned/managed by the College of Agriculture. Assist and/or conduct educational and training events. Assist the Robinson Forest Committee in planning, reporting, and developing management strategies for Robinson Forest. Coordinate and/or conduct forest management activities as needed and identified by and with Department of Forestry Chair and Chair of the Robinson Forest Committee. Closely coordinate operations, and maintain communications and functional working relationship with the Robinson Center for Appalachian Resource Sustainability (RCARS) and associated personnel. Develop materials on activities and forest infra-structure to be used in informational outlets including on-site, web, and hard-copy. Provide information and approved representation for Robinson Forest locally, regionally, and nationally.