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Assistant Professor of Stream and Riparian Ecology

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209 T.P. Cooper Building (office: 208A)
University of Kentucky
Lexington, KY 40546-0073
Tel: 859-257-7610
Fax: 859-323-1031

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Research Interests

Research in the Price Lab focuses on the population ecology and conservation of semi-aquatic and aquatic animals.  Most of our research centers on reptiles and amphibians, groups that are experiencing severe and unprecedented population declines. Although we have broad interests, we often conduct research in the following areas: 1) examining the resistance and resilience of semi-aquatic reptile and amphibian populations to land-use and hydrologic change, and 2) assessing the influence of biophysical conditions on  population vital rates, such as survivorship, recruitment, and temporal emigration, and behaviors (e.g., movement).  Additionally, we have strong interests in wildlife monitoring and management, freshwater biology, forest ecology, urban ecology, vertebrate natural history and landscape ecology.

Recent Publications (*denotes student author)

Agha, M.*, J. E. Lovich, J. R. Ennen, B. Augustine*, T. R. Arundel, M. O. Murphy*, D. Delaney, J. Briggs, K. Meyer, C. Bjurlin, M. Austin, S. Madrak, L. Tennant, S. J. Price. 2015. Turbines and terrestrial vertebrates: variation in tortoise survivorship between a wind energy facility and an adjacent undisturbed wildland area in the desert southwest (USA). Environmental Management 56:332-341.

Agha, M.*, B. Augustine*, J.E. Lovich, D. Delaney, B. Sinervo, M.O. Murphy*, J.R. Ennen, R. Cooper and S.J. Price. 2015. Using motion-sensor camera technology to infer seasonal activity and thermal niche of the desert tortoise (Gopherus agassizii). Journal of Thermal Biology 49-50:119-126.

Price, S.J., J.L. Snodgrass, and M.E. Dorcas. 2014. Managing aquatic habitats for wildlife in urban areas. In R. McCleery, C. Moorman, and N. Peterson (eds), Urban Wildlife Science: Theory and Practice. Springer.

Muncy, B.L.*, S.J. Price, S.J. Bonner, and C.D. Barton. 2014. Mountaintop removal mining reduces stream salamander occupancy and richness in southeastern Kentucky (USA). Biological Conservation 180:115-121.

Muncy, B.L.*, S.J. Price, and M.E. Dorcas. 2014. Capture probability and survivorship of the southern two-lined salamander (Eurycea cirrigera) in drought and non-drought conditions. Copeia 2014:366-371.

Maigret, T.A.*, J.J. Cox, D.R. Schneider, C.D. Barton, S.J. Price, and J.L. Larkin. 2014. Effects of timber harvest within streamside management zones on salamander populations in ephemeral streams of southeastern Kentucky. Forest Ecology and Management 324:46-51.

Barrett, K., and S.J. Price. 2014. Urbanization and stream salamanders: a review, conservation options, and research needs. Freshwater Science 33:927-940