University of Kentucky College of Agriculture


Director of Undergraduate Studies

Jim RingeContact me:
214 Thomas Poe Cooper Building  (Office: 108)
Lexington, KY 40546-0073
Phone: (859) 257-7594
Fax: (859) 323-1031

B.S. in Forestry,  University of Kentucky, 1977
M.S. in Agriculture, University of Kentucky, 1979
Ph.D. in Forestry, Purdue University, 1983

Academic Interests:
Engineering Economic Analysis
Wood Products and Production
Surface Mine Reclamation Economics
Quality Control in Forestry Operations

Personal Interests:
Home repair/renovation
Music and guitar playing
Swimming and cycling

Courses Taught:
FOR 200 – Map Reading and Photogrammetry
FOR 360 – Wood Technology and Utilization
FOR 379 – Harvest and Utilization of Wood

Professional Affiliation:
Society of American Foresters
Forest Products Society

Recent Projects:
Introduction of U.S. hardwood lumber species to government and wood industry officials in Cuba.
Economic impacts of knife angle changes to reduce the production of fines in OSB flakers.
Economics of reclamation alternatives for reforestation and carbon sequestration.
Use of Six Sigma to analyze quality control in forestry operations.

Selected Publications:
Pelkki, M.H., J.M. Ringe, W.R. Thomas, and D.H. Graves. 2002. Economically efficient sampling of surface-mined spoils. International Journal of Surface Mining, Reclamation, and Environment. 16(1):48-58.

Conrad.P.W., R.J. Sweigard, D.H. Graves, J.M. Ringe, and M.H. Pelkki. 2002. Impacts of soil conditions on reforestation of surface mined land. Mining Engineering 54(1):39-46.

Conrad, P.W., R.J. Sweigard, J.C. Yingling, D.H. Graves, and J.M. Ringe.2002. Use of ripping to alleviate excessive compaction on reclaimed surface mined land. Transaction of the Society for Mining, Metallurgy, and Exploration 312:159-165.

Byrd, E.J., R.K. Kolka, R.W. Warner and J.M. Ringe. 2003. Soil percolation and erosion on  mineland  soils. IN Proc. of the 19th American Society for Surface Mining and Reclamation Conference. Lexington, KY. Pp. 1049-1058.

Keynote speaker with T.E. Conners at the 1st Lanzamiento de Maderas Duras de Los Estados Unidos (1st Launching of Hardwoods of the United States). September 17-20, 2003, Havana Cuba. Presented U.S. hardwood species characteristics to government and wood industry officials as part of an initiation of Kentucky hardwood lumber trade with Cuba.

R.J. Sweigard, P.W. Conrad, V. Badaker, J.C. Yingling, D.H. Graves and J.M. Ringe. 2004.  Methodology for evaluating the suitability of spoil conditions for reforestation. Transactions of the Society for Mining, Metallurgy, and Exploration 316:143-148

Conners, T.E., P. Stiglbauer, S. Banerjee, and J.M. Ringe. 2005. Influence of knife angle and ambient temperature on fines generation from flakers. IN Proc. Ninth European Panel Products Symposium, October 5-7, 2005, Llandudno, Wales. pp. 23-30.

Graves, D. H. and J.M. Ringe. Economic incentives for reclaiming for wildlife habitat as a post-mining land use. U.S. Office of Surface Mining Wildlife Summit. Louisville, KY. June 22-23, 2005   

Stiglbauer, P., T.E. Conners, S. Banerjee, and J.M. Ringe. 2005. Fines reduction at OSB flakers. Presented at the 59th International Convention of the Forest Products Society, Quebec City, Quebec, Canada, June 19-22, 2005.