University of Kentucky College of Agriculture


Assistant Professor - Forest Landscape Ecology

Jian YangContact
209 T.P. Cooper Building (office 223)
Lexington, KY 40546-0073 
Tel: 859-257-5820
Fax: 859-323-1031

Ph.D. Forestry, 2005, University of Missouri, USA
M.S. Ecology, 2000, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
B.S. Geography, 1997, Shaanxi Normal University, China

Research Interests:
Mainly involves broad-scale environmental and ecological questions that are closely related with landscape ecology, ecosystem modeling, GIS, remote sensing, spatial statistics, and wildland fire science. I am particularly interested in understanding the role of disturbance and spatial structure on forest health and resilience across various (e.g., ecosystem, landscape, and regional) scales. Ultimately, my research focus is to seek the dynamic interactions among landscape, disturbance, and management under the context of global change.

Selected Publications:
(* indicates corresponding author when not the first author)
Yang, J., Weisberg, P.J., Shinneman, D.J., Dilts, T.D., Earnst S.L., Scheller, R.M., 2015. Fire modulates climate change response of simulated aspen distribution across topoclimatic gradients in a semi-arid montane landscape. Landscape Ecology DOI: 10.1007/s10980-015-0160-1

Yang, J., Weisberg, P.J., Dilts, T. E., Loudermilk, E. L., Scheller, R. M., Stanton, A., Skinner, C. 2015. Predicting wildfire occurrence distribution with spatial point process models and its uncertainty assessment: a case study in the Lake Tahoe Basin, USA. International Journal of Wildland Fire 24(3): 380-390.

Kong, J., Yang, J.*, Chu, H., Xiang, X. 2015. Effects of wildfire and topography on soil nitrogen availability in a boreal larch forest of northeastern China. International Journal of Wildland Fire 24(3): 433-442.

Fang, L., Yang, J.*, Zu, J., Li, G., Zhang, J. 2015. Quantifying influences and relative importance of fire weather, topography, and vegetation on fire size and fire severity in a Chinese boreal forest landscape. Forest Ecology and Management DOI: 10.1016/j.foreco.2015.01.011

Liu, Z., Yang, J*. 2014. Quantifying ecological drivers of ecosystem productivity of the early-successional boreal Larix gmelinii forest. Ecosphere, 5(7), art84-art84.

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