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2005 UK Forestry Extension Radio Spots

December 2005
Maximizing Future Returns From Timberlands - Forest land owners have the ability to maximize on the returns of the forest stand.  Doug McLaren, Extension Forestry Specialist, elaborates on ways in which you can increase future investments while also selling timber now. 

November 2005

Realizing Money Does Grow on Trees - The wide assortment of trees that grow in Kentucky can be successfully marketed if an timber owner utilizes the services of a professional forester. Extension Forestry Specialist Doug McClaren explains how this works.      

Understanding Agroforestry-Silviculture - This is one of the most diverse techniques designed to mix three different compatible enterprises.  Extension Forestry Specialist Deborah Hill details this cooperative farming arrangement. 

September 2005
Planning Before Planting Trees - Considering tree planting requires prior thought to provide the best opportunity for a success on your landscape.  Extension Forestry Specialist Jeff Stringer provides the steps in a successful planting experience.

Understanding Agroforestry-Alley Cropping  - There are a series of factors that may control how you develop Alley Cropping on your farm.  This form of Agroforestry can enhance your farm enterprise financially and ecologically.  Extension Forestry Specialist Deborah Hill examines Alley Cropping.

Successfully Establishing Trees - Selecting the proper tree species is a key to planting trees around the landscape. Jeff Stringer, Extension Forestry Specialist outlines the other factors involved with successfully establishing trees.

August 2005
Managing Woodlots for Shittake Mushrooms -Woodlot owners can participate in  timber stand improvement and even establish a Shittake mushroom enterprise on their property.  Extension Forestry Specialist Deborah Hill outlines the process.  

Introducing Agro Forestry to Kentucky - Agroforestry is a new term that you may begin to hear around Kentucky in the near future.  Extension Forestry Specialist Deborah Hill examines the new term in more detail.


July 2005
Cutting Firewood in the Summer - It is hard to imagine gathering firewood during the extreme summer heat.  Doug McLaren, Extension Forest Specialist emphasizes the advantage of cutting firewood in the summer.

June 2005

Pruning and Shaping Christmas Trees - Christmas trees must be pruned and shaped during the summer in order to ensure that the conical shape desired is maintained until the Christmas season.  Extension Forestry Specialist Deborah Hill outlines steps that should be taken when pruning Christmas trees.  

May 2005
Maintaining Woodlands Alongside Crops in the Landscape - Woodland areas are often omitted from farm owner's total farm plan.  Extension Forestry Specialist Doug McLaren emphasizes the importance of managing woodlands along with cropland.    

March 2005
Pruning Trees While They Are In Dormancy - Pruning trees is a task that should be completed with caution.  Doug McLaren, Extension Forestry Specialist, explains the importance of pruning trees while they are still in the dormant stage.  

Selling Timber From Kentucky Forests
 - Our wet winter has caused log reserves to dwindle.  Doug McLaren, Extension Forestry Specialist, outlines reasons that Kentucky is seeing an increase in logging during this time of year.

January 2005
Caring for Shiitake Mushroom Logs In The Winter - Though shiitake mushroom logs are dormant during the winter, they require seasonal care.  Deborah Hill, Extension Forestry Specialist, gives details of means of proper care of logs during winter conditions.  


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