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2006 UK Forestry Extension Radio Spots
December 2006
Caring and Disposing of Christmas Trees - The Christmas season is upon us.  Deborah Hill, Extension Forestry Specialist, describes ways to care for and dispose of your Christmas trees this season.


September 2006
Establishing Successful Trees - Thinking about planting trees.? Well the best time is now.  Extension Forestry Specialist Jeff Stringer elaborates on the best time to plant to ensure a good stand of trees.

Introducing Agro-Forestry in Kentucky - Agro-forestry is a combination of agriculture and forestry.  Deborah Hill, Extension Forestry Specialist, outlines the techniques of agro-forestry and how producers can get involved.

August 2006
Protecting Trees Under Stress - When trees don't get the water and nutrients they need trees get stressed.  Deborah Hill, Extension Forestry Specialist details how you can help your trees cope with stress.

July 2006

Growing Christmas Trees - Monitoring and managing Christmas trees takes center stage during the summer. Deborah Hill, Extension Forestry Specialist, emphasizes the practice of growing your trees now so when the season arrives you can make the most money.

June 2006
Benefiting From a Managed Forest -Got Forest? Doug McLaren Extension Forestry Specialist, explains this new slogan and campaign to expand peoples views of the forest around them try to enhance community awareness of this precious resource.

May 2006

Protecting Our Streams - Agroforestry -Stream side management zones are an important part of agriforestry. Deborah Hill, Extension Forestry Specialist, explains ways to keep the streams close to you in top condition, Keeping the environment in good shape for generations to come.

Storytelling- Evaluate Trees - The rings on a tree can provide a lot of information.  Doug McLaren, Extension Forestry Specialist, outlines the wealth of information that is taken from just the tree rings and evaluates the usefulness of the knowledge acquired.

April 2006

Protecting Your Crops From Wind - Wind breaks can help farmers prevent erosion and protect crops from wind.  Deborah Hill, Extension Forestry Specialist, discusses the benefits of wind breaks and how you can establish your own protective trees.

March 2006
Finding Out Who Owns Wildlife  - There are numerous issues concerning who owns wildlife?  Extension Wildlife Specialist Tom Barnes details our responsibility to protect and control wildlife.

February 2006
Learning about Agro-forestry:  Forest Farming - Forest farming is a form of agri-forestry that produces a crop in a forest. Deborah Hill, Extension Forestry Specialist, describes forest farming and how to get started in production.

January 2006
Caring for Shitake Mushroom Logs in Winter Weather - Shitake mushroom logs must be cared for in the off season.  Extension Forestry Specialist Deborah Hill outlines what steps can be taken during the winter to care for the dormant logs.

Timing for Maple Sugar and Shitake Mushrooms Production - Sap in trees provides a major ingredient for the production of both maple sugar syrup and Shitake mushrooms within the forests of Kentucky.  Extension Forestry Management Specialist Deborah Hill expands on the importance of timing when using trees to produce these products. 

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