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UK Forestry Extension Radio Spots -- 2007

October 2007
Learning about Kentucky Women in Agriculture  -   An organization titled Kentucky Women in Agriculture is supported by the Commonwealth of Kentucky.  Extension Forestry Specialist Deborah Hill discusses the Women in Agriculture organization and highlights a few of the activities that are involved with participants.

September 2007
Concerning  Forest Landowner IssuesThe diversity in trees and woodland areas in Kentucky is a big concern for owners.  Doug McLaren,  Extension Forestry Specialist, explains the options available for landowners to make a profit in forestry.

Introducing Agro-Forestry in KentuckyAgro-Forestry is a new term that descibes how both agriculture and forestry is combined.  Deborah Hill, Extension Forestry Specialist outlines the five techniques of the basis of agro-forestry.

August 2007
Approaching Woodland Fire SeasonLong periods of drought, much like this summer increase the likelihood of forest fires.  Area Extension specialist in Forestry, Doug McLaren highlights management options for potential fire losses.

Managing Firewood For Later UseDuring the summer many folks are not concerned with staying warm and storing firewood. Extension Forestry Specialist Doug McLaren details the necessity of cutting and managing firewood for the winter time during the summer.

July 2007
Benefiting From A Well-Managed ForestWell-managed forests can provide a lot of leisurely activity. Extension Forestry Specialist  Doug McLaren elaborates on why clean forests have such a positive affect on a community.

June 2007
Dealing With Spring Freeze and Kentucky's Woodlands - The changes in the spring weather have caused some damage to a lot of the Kentucky woodlands. Extension Forestry Specialist Jeff Stringer details how to deal with the problems that the freezing spring weather has caused.

May 2007
Nurturing Freeze-Damaged Plants -   The freezing changes in weather patterns this spring has damaged many plants. Deborah Hill, Extension Forestry Specialist, discusses what you can do to nurture these plants back to good health.

Attracting Wildlife This Spring -  Though it may seem fun to feed wildlife in your area, you must first determine if it is safe. Extension Wildlife Specialist Tom Barnes emphasizes the importance of understanding wildlife before you attract it to your home or campsite.

April 2007

Exploring Truffle Fungi - As uncommon as it may sound Truffle Fungi may be the next business venture you might be interested in. Deborah Hill, Extension Forestry Specialist, highlights information on this new craze.

Recognizing The Importance Of Forests In Kentucky - Forests play a major role in preserving our state. Extension Forester Billy Thomas emphasizes the importance of forests.

March 2007

Growing Shitake Mushrooms
The market for Shitake mushrooms continues to expand. Extension Forestry Specialist Deborah Hill examines ways to break into the Shitake mushroom market by growing your own.

February 2007
Planting Your Forest Trees 
It is not too early to start planning for your trees for a forest tree ceiling. Doug McLaren, Extension Specialist in Forestry, outlines what you can do to start the process of planting your trees and how to prepare.

January 2007
Making Maple Syrup                                 
Do you love maple syrup on your pancakes in the morning? Deborah Hill, Extension Forestry Specialist, discusses how you can make syrup from a variety of maple trees.

Purchasing Firewood
The firewood we use to keep warm in the winter requires six months to dry properly. Extension Forestry Specialist Doug McLaren examines where you can get your ready-to-burn firewood this winter.

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