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UK Forestry Extension Radio Spots -2009

December 2009
Selecting and Caring for Christmas Trees- It is always important to check a prospective Christmas tree you intend to put in your home for the holidays before purchasing. Extension Forestry Specialist Deborah Hill identifies what to look for in a tree.

November 2009

Cooking a Wild Turkey for the Holidays-Turkey is the primary food that people associate with the holidays, but what about a wild turkey? Extension Wildlife Specialist Tom Barnes outlines how to cook a wild turkey and make it delicious.

Heating with Firewood-
Heating with wood is usually done to supplement other sources of heating energy. Extension Forestry Specialist Doug McLaren details what to know about wood to burn and how to use it to heat with firewood.

Caring for Trees in the Colder Months - Even though Kentucky has benefitted from a mild summer, you can't forget how the earlier cold Spring and Winter caused damage to trees. Extension Forestry Specialist Deborah Hill highlights what to do to take care of your trees for the coming Winter.

Suggesting Ethical Hunter Behavior- A big concern during deer hunting season or hunting in general, is ethics. Extension Wildlife Specialist Tom Barnes explains some of the more common ethics, or the rights and wrongs, to take into consideration when hunting.

October 2009
Reviewing Your Woodlands Management Plan -
Is now the time to harvest and market your woodlands? Extension Forestry Specialist Doug McLaren answers this question with a parellel view of woodlands and other investment opportunities in the present financial market.

September 2009
Considering Planting Trees after Harvest - There is usually no need to replant trees in Kentucky after a timber harvest, but sometimes you want to enhance the desired tree species on your land. Extension Forester Billy Thomas describes how to plant large numbers of trees successfully.

Identifying the Age of a Tree- Some trees seem to become dominant in a spread of woods. Extension Forestry Specialist Doug McLaren suggests there are various factors that can impact the growth of trees in the landscape.

August 2009
Acquiring Firewood in the Summer- 
Understanding the quality of firewood before you acquire it can pay dividends during the colder months.  Extension Forestry Specialist Doug McLaren suggests you allow firewood to cure completely before throwing it on the fire.

Caring for Damaged Trees- People are still trying to help trees in their landscape that were damaged by the ice storms this year.  Extension Forestry Specialist Deborah Hill elaborates on what you can do yourself to take care of any damaged trees.

July 2009
Farming the Forest for Profit- Many farmers don't realize the potential of their forests and the profit that could be made from them. Deborah Hill, Extension Forestry Specialist, outlines various enterprises for forest owners to make a profit from their unused land.

June 2009
Getting the Most from Your Woodlands-  Everyone should have a vested interest in Kentucky's woodlands. Extension Forestry Specialist Billy Thomas expands on managing your own woodland and benefits of woodlands to Kentucky.

May 2009
Negotiating a Stimulus Package for Trees-  Everyone loves seeing the beautiful old oak trees that sit in front yards. Doug McLaren, Extension Forestry Specialist, discusses how you can increase the growth of a tree through a few simple techniques.

April 2009
Farming the Forest
If you have a forest on your property you could benefit from it by farming the forest land.  Extension Forestry Specialist Deborah Hill elaborates on what you can farm and how to properly develop this enterprise.

Maintaining High Interest Rate from Forest Lands
Many people are concerned with their investments this year. This concern is also apparent in the wood industry. Extension Forestry Specialist Doug McLaren discusses the steps that should be taken to maintain high interest rate from wood lands.

March 2009
Producing Shitake Mushrooms with Downed Wood-  
With the recent ice storm there is a lot of fallen wood on the ground.  Extension Forestry Specialist Deborah Hill details how you can grow Shitake Mushrooms using these fallen trees.

February 2009

Benefiting as a Woodland Owner- There are close to a half a million woodland owners in Kentucky.   Extension Forester Billy Thomas discusses the benefits and risks of owning woodlands.

Discovering Urban Forestry at the Arboretum- Selecting trees to grow near utility poles requires knowledge of tree varieties and understanding tree cover.  Extension Forestry Specialist Deborah Hill indicates the Arboretum at the University of Kentucky has a demonstration area with select trees on display.

January 2009

Assessing Fire Damage to Kentucky Forests - Forest Fires can cause long-term damage to trees. Extension Forester Doug McLaren examines how the long-term effects of fire create a major problem for forested land.

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