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UK Forestry Extension Radio Spots - 2011

December 2011
Planning Steps For Woodland Owners -
Extension Forestry Specialist Billy Thomas explains the importance of thoughtful planning for woodlot owners. Length 2:28


November 2011
Helpful Firewood Tips - Extension Forestry Specialist Doug McLaren offers helpful advice for wood burners

October 2011
Growing Shiitake Mushrooms - Extension Specialist Deborah Hill explains how woodland owners can make more money from their land by growing shi'ta'ke mushrooms


September 2011
Caring For Your Trees and Schrubs Heading Into the Fall Season- Extension Forestry Specialist Deborah Hill says the late summer is the time to care for trees and schrubs as we head into fall

August 2011

Looking for Stories Trees Have to Tell - Trees can tell us a lot by the way they look from their leaves to their bark. Extension Forestry Specialist Doug McLaren tells us what to look for and what those signs mean.

July 2011
Pruning Christmas Trees - July isn't normally the time people think about Christmas but if you are a Christmas tree grower this is the time you need to shaping those trees. Extension FOrestry Specialist Deborah Hill explains.

June 2011
Stripping Slippery Elm Bark - Billy Thomas, Extension Forester, discusses stripping slippery elm bark.

Cutting Firewood in the middle of summer - With temperatures soaring to 90 degrees and humidity levels trying to rival the thermostat, it is hard for anyone to think about gathering in wood for the upcoming firewood heating season. Extension Forestry Specialist Doug McClaren.


May 2011
Valuing Kentucky Woodlands- Forests or woodlands comprise a significant part of the land in Kentucky. Extension Forestry Specialist Doug McClaren provides a perspective for the importance of woodlands to our state.

April 2011
Gardening by the Square Foot- Want a lot of productivity in a small space? Extension Forestry Specialist Deborah Hill has the particulars of what is called "Square Foot Gardening".

March 2011
Farming can be for the Trees- Tree farming is much like any other agricultural enterprise. Extension Forestry Specialist Doug McLaren uses this analogy to explain considerations of sustainability of the forest landscape.

Valuing a Woodland Management Plan- Nearly all woodland areas are owned by private individuals. Extension Forester Billy Thomas explains the value of owning woodland property and how to develop a management plan.

February 2011
Producing Shitake Mushrooms with Downed Wood- An ideal crop for downed wood might be Shitake mushrooms. Extension Forestry Specialist Deborah Hill suggests these mushrooms can be grown with little investment.

January 2011

Producing Maple Syrup-.How about some maple syrup?. Extension Forestry Specialist Deborah Hill has a step by step procedure for collecting sap and producing syrup from your woodland.

Selecting the Best Firewood- Use firewood to heat your home? Extension Forestry Specialist Deborah Hill expands on firewood safety in the home.

Monitoring Your Woodlands.- Visit your woodlands at least one time per year. Extension Forestry Specialist Doug McLaren describes what needs to be done during your visit each year.