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What is a Local Forestry Organization (LFO)?
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A LFO is a grassroots organization of local citizens with strong support from local and state level forestry and natural resource agencies. Members of an LFO typically include woodland owners, forest industry, local leaders, local representatives from forestry and natural resource agencies, and anyone else interested in forestry and natural resource issues. These concerned local citizens come together to address forestry and natural resource issues in their area.

There are several publications designed to help you establish a LFO.

Click on one of the following links for more information:

FORFS 07-01 -- Local Forestry Organizations in Kentucky: A Growing Idea

FORFS 07-02 -- Local Forestry Organizations in Kentucky: Formation and Organization

FORFS07-03 -- Local Forestry Organizations in Kentucky: Project Ideas

LFO Meeting

Why Form a Local Forestry Organization?
Provide interested individuals an opportunity to increase their knowledge in forestry
Provide a forum to share information and join with others to give more clout to efforts
Respond to local and state forestry issues

Potential LFO Activities
Your ideas first!
Address local woodland issues
Assisting and conducting woodland education programs
Address taxation of woodlands and timber revenues
Educational activities to increase public understanding of forestry
Serve as a citizen advisory group on woodland issues and provide forestry      information to local leaders on a regular basis
Develop local woodland and wildlife demonstration areas

For more information, please contact one of the supporting organizations below:
UK Forestry Extension: 859.257.7597; www.ukforestry.org
County Agents: www.ca.uky.edu/county
Kentucky Woodland Owners Association: 606.876.3423;
Ky. Division of Forestry: 502.564.4496; www.forestry.ky.gov
Ky. Division of Conservation: 502.573.3080; www.conservation.ky.gov
Ky. Farm Bureau: 502.495.5000; www.kyfb.com
• Kentucky Forest Industries Association, 502.695.3979; www.kfia.org