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2014 Kentucky Woodland Owners Short Course Program

Make plans to join us for the 2014 Woodland Owners Short Course (WOSC). This program is a great opportunity for you and your family to learn how to enhance your woodlands and get the most from your ownership experience. Most woodland owners are not aware of the wide variety of organizations and programs available to help them care for their woodlands. Do you have questions about: how to receive a fair price when you sell your timber, making your woodlands wildlife friendly, or simply making them as healthy as they can be? If you want to maximize your woodlands and get answers to your questions about them then the 2014 WOSC is right for you!

Below are the dates/locations for the 2014 WOSC. Click here for a brochure listing the topics for each region.

August 9, 2014
Kentucky Woodlands Owners Short Course
Crittenden County Ed Tech Center
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August 16, 2014

Kentucky Woodlands Owners Short Course
Boone County Extension Office
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August 23, 2014
Kentucky Woodlands Owners Short Course
Knox County Extension Office
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Which track should you attend???

Based on your experience and interest levels, you will attend one of two educational tracks lead by Kentucky forestry and natural resources experts. Please self-select the most appropriate track based on the statements below. Choose a side and select the track with two or more statements in which you most relate. Couples may consider splitting up so one can attend one track while the other attends the other track.

Green Track
Gold Track

I don’t know my options as it relates to managing my woodlands.

I am not sure of the services and assistance available to help me manage my woodlands.

I am fairly new to
woodland ownership.

I have identified objectives for my woodlands and have a management plan.

I have worked with forestry and other natural resource professionals in managing my woodlands.

I have owned my woodlands for some time and am looking to become more active in its management.

Consider registering for the Green Track.

Consider registering for the Gold Track.


Partners of the WOSC
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If you have questions, please contact the UK Forestry Extension Office at 859.257.7597.