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Biomass Workshops

biomassBiomass is one of the hottest topics for woodland owners, loggers, and the forest industry in the U.S. Woodland owners in Kentucky have an opportunity to benefit financially from energy wood harvests. However, timber harvesting that includes energy wood is different from traditional harvests.

These workshops were designed to provide well rounded information on all aspects associated with harvesting energy wood. Topics ranged from national and state policy and programs now and in the future to the logging equipment that is required and how this will affect woodlands. Participants were provided information to help evaluate the costs and benefits of energy wood harvests on their properties.

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biomass workshopMore than 300 woodland owners, loggers, foresters and forest industry representatives participated in the biomass programs. Woodland owners and logger focus groups were also conducted to research the attitudes and perceptions of those groups toward woody biomass harvesting.

Workshops were held at:
UK Research and Education Center
London Community Center
Morehead Conference Center

Bob Rummer

The keynote speaker was Dr. Robert Rummer (pictured left) - US Forest Service, Project Leader Forest Operations Research. Dr. Rummer from Auburn, Alabama is one of the leading authorities on timber harvesting and biomass extraction. Dr. Rummer has worked across the U.S. and in Kentucky on biomass harvesting systems. His expertise is widely sought after for helping to solve issues associated with harvesting and harvesting impacts.