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Ice Damage Information

Vast areas of the state were subjected to a severe winter storm in February 2009. This storm caused extensive damage to trees and woodlands across the state. Below is information to help you address storm damage to your woodlands.

UK Forestry Extension along with the Kentucky Division of Forestry developed a website for woodland owners, farmers, and forestry professionals. This site has a photo guide for assessing damage to your woodlands, publications and more. Click here to go to that site.

Income Tax Deduction for Timber Casualty Loss
Timber damaged or destroyed by hurricane, fire, earthquake, ice, hail, tornado, high wind and other storms are
“casualty losses” that may allow timberland owners to claim a deduction on their federal income tax returns. Click the above link to learn more.

Forestry Fact Sheets

FORFS 09-01 Ice Damage – Safety in the Woods
This publication will help to keep you safe in ice-damaged woodlands and while clearing tree debris from roads, trails, and fences.

FORFS 09-02 Ice Damage– Timber Salvage Decisions
This fact sheet is provided to help you make decisions regarding timber losses associated with ice damage. If timber value loss is significant, a salvage operation may be warranted as well as claiming a tax loss.

FORFS 09-03 - Ice Damage – Managing Woodland Damage and Health
This fact sheet provides information on overall woodland health and the effects of ice damage on long-term woodland health and management.

Ice Damage Press Release Woodland damage
Come up with a plan for your damaged trees before you cut. Doug McLaren, discusses the need to work with professionals in dealing with ice damage to your woodlands.

Managing Ice Damage for Forest Stands
This publication by the Kentucky Division of Forestry covers how woodland owners can address the task of assessing their forest damage and making decisions about their future.

Caring For Trees Damaged by Ice
This publication by the Tree damaged by ice
Land Owner Resource Centre in Ontario, Canada shows woodland owners how they can assess damaged individual trees in their woodlands.

Salvaging Timber
This publication by the Kentucky Division of Forestry discusses how woodland owners should proceed on salvaging their storm damaged woodlands.

Helping Trees Recover from Ice Storm Damage
This publication by the Kentucky Division of Forestry discusses
things that can be done to help many damaged trees recover. Don’t
make hasty decisions! Stop and evaluate your trees first!

Pruning Landscape Trees Broken tree limbs
This publication by the UK Department of Horticulture covers the proper steps in pruning landscape trees. For more horticulural information on woody plants click here.

The following webinars have information on woodland ice damage. By clicking on the title you can view the recorded webinar session.

Ice Damage Session from the February 16, 2009, woodland owner program in Lyon County.

For assistance in dealing with ice storm damage to your woodlands, contact the Kentucky Division of Forestry at 502.564.4496 or visit www.kyicedamage.net.