Information for Kentucky Woodlands Owners, Farmers, and Forestry Professionals


This website provides information for woodland owners that effected by ice damage. The website contains the following pages:

  • Photo Guide for Assessing Storm Damage: The photo guide contains a number of pictures of trees of a number of species common to woodlands in Kentucky with a range of damage. Recommendations are provided for each photo regarding the loss of timber value, if timber should be salvaged and when, and a recommendation about the potential of the tree as it relates to long-term management.

  • Publications:  The publication page contains links to a number of publications useful to woodland owners. These publications are developed specifically to deal with aspects of Kentucky’s storms.
    • safety in storm damaged woodlands including ice, tornados, etc.
    • how to evaluate loss of timber value
    • tax information
    • how to care for storm damaged trees
    • salvage and improvement harvests

      Recent 2012 publications:
      FORFS 12-3 Storm Damage - Safety in the Woods
      This publication will help to keep you safe in storm-damaged woodlands and while clearing tree debris from roads, trails, and fences.

      FORFS 12-4 - Storm Damage - Timber Salvage Decisions
      This fact sheet is provided to help you make decisions regarding timber losses associated with storm damage. If timber value loss is significant, a salvage operation may be warranted as well as claiming a tax loss.

  • Webinars: The Webinar page provides links to webinars that were run in 2009 on the ice damage.

  • Where to Get Help:
  •  Use this page to obtain contact information on technical assistance.

For more information, contact the webmaster, UK Department of Forestry Extension at
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