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Milk Snake Eastern

Milk Snake Eastern
Species Name:
Lampropeltis triangulum
Not venomous

Common Name:
Milk Snake Eastern

Species Name:
Lampropeltis triangulum


KSNPC status is: Unlisted


Two forms occur in Kentucky, the Eastern red milk snake in western Kentucky can be confused with the scarlet kingsnake. Generally the snake is marked with a row of brown to red blotches with black borders on a gray to tan background. The belly is white, checkered with black. The red milk snake is similar except the blotches are redder, larger, and fewer. It often has a whitish to yellow collar. The scarlet snake has a plain belly. Reaches 2 to 3' in length.


Eats rodents, birds, lizards and snakes. Milk snakes get their name from the old wives tale that they suck milk from cows (pretty absurd)and can often be seen around buildings.

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