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Forestry Webinar Series

Forestry webinars are an excellent opportunity to get a significant amount of forestry-related information in a relatively short time, without having to drive great distances to attend. 

Kentucky woodland owners and other interested individuals are encouraged to attend a locally hosted Webinar at a nearby County Extension Office.  If there is not a nearby host site then the webinars can be viewed from any computer with a high speed internet connection—check out the link below to test your connection.  All live webinars start at 7 PM Eastern Time.

Check back soon Extension Offices are added daily.

What Do I Do Before a LIVE Webinar:

To be sure your computer is setup correctly for the webinar, visit: https://connect.uky.edu/common/help/en/support/meeting_test.htm


This year's Forestry Webinars include:

December 1. Impacts of Wildfire on Woodlands
By Floyd Willis, Kentucky Division of Forestry
Hosted at the following Extension Offices: Clay, Crittenden, Floyd, Grayson, Letcher, Nelson, Pike, Rowan
Link location: http://connect.uky.edu/wildfire_2015

There were more than 1,400 wildfires in Kentucky during 2014 and they burned more than 41,000 acres.  Learn about the impact of wildfires on woodlands as well as practices that you can take to ensure that your woodlands are as protected as possible and your home is Firewise.

Past webinars in this series:
Tree Identification

By Billy Thomas, UK Forestry Extension

Link of recording: https://youtu.be/4OI3bOU_rz8

Kentucky has approximately 120 different native tree species and being able to tell one from another can be challenging.  However, there is a technique to the tree identification process that will be covered in this presentation so that you can identify any tree with the right key.

Landowners and Federally Protected Species –
What you Need to Know.

By Jeff Stringer, UK Forestry Extension

Link of recording: https://youtu.be/iGtOQoGOur0

Kentucky has over 40 federally protected species. New species are being added to the list annually, this year it was the northern long-eared bat.  It is important for landowners to know if they have any on or adjacent to their property and what they need to do to protect these species and comply with the law.

Are Your Woodlands Healthy?
Jeff Stringer and Ellen Crocker, UK Forestry Extension
Link of recording: https://youtu.be/SCkXLABUiL0

Your woodlands are facing numerous threats whether you realize it or not.  This presentation will help you to determine if your woodlands and the trees in it are healthy or not.  We will also focus on how to improve your woodlands and keep them productive.  


November 19. Timber Harvesting and Sales
By Chris Will, Central Kentucky Forest Management and Kentucky Association of Consulting Foresters representative

Link of recording: COMING SOON!

A timber harvest and sale can be one of the biggest events that takes place on your woodland.  It can also be one of the most important for the sustainability of a woodland.  Learn the factors you need to know to have a successful timber harvest and sale from the perspective of a consulting forester.

Previous Webinars:
To view playback recordings, click on the links below.
HELP for You and Your Woodlands - Billy Thomas, Extension Forester
Link to the recorded webinar: http://connect.uky.edu/p5jx63wf1ga/

Woodland Certification - Christopher Reeves, Certification Forester
Link to the recorded webinar: http://connect.uky.edu/p818xanbyby/

Black Bears in Kentucky - John Cox, Wildlife Professor
Link to the recorded webinar: http://connect.uky.edu/p49hhiw3vsb/

What's Killing Our Trees and What We Can and Can't Do - Jeff Stringer, Forestry Extension Professor
Link to the recorded webinar: http://connect.uky.edu/p5ii4j6y8rk/

Winter Tree Identification - Doug McLaren, Extension Forester
Link to the recorded webinar: http://connect.uky.edu/p90c9a6e5er/ 

Kentucky Wildflower - Thomas Barnes, Wildlife Extension Professor
Link to the recorded webinar: http://connect.uky.edu/p3t6heyg6dq/

Waterfowl Identification - Thomas Barnes,
Wildlife Extension Professor
Link to the recorded webinar: https://connect.uky.edu/p9llwvoyca3/