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Photo of Hall of Fame Horse StatueThe Equine Research Hall of Fame — John T. Bryans

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John T. Bryans
United States
Dr. John T. Bryans was internationally recognized for his contributions toward the detection and control of infectious equine diseases. He was chairman of the University of Kentucky Department of Veterinary Science from 1973 to 1987.
Inducted December 1, 1990.

Dr. John T. Bryans spent more than 35 years exploring the causes, pathogenesis, epidemiology and immunology of various equine infectious diseases. For 13 of those years, Dr. Bryans worked with Dr. E. Roger Doll (also a Hall of Fame inductee) and together they discovered the virus causing equine viral arteritis and equine viral abortion and developed vaccines for them. Dr. Bryans also developed vaccines for salmonellosis and strangles, and a blood test to detect contagious equine metritis.

Dr. Bryans was born in Paterson, New Jersey, and received his B.S. degree from Florida Southern College, his M.S. degree in microbiology at the University of Kentucky, and his Ph.D. degree in microbiology in 1954 from Cornell University. He began his career at the University of Kentucky in 1954 as a virologist at the UK Agricultural Experiment Station. He became a professor of veterinary science in 1960, and was named chairman of the Department of Veterinary Science in 1973. In 1987, he was named a Distinguished Alumni Professor.

Because of the nature of infectious diseases, Dr. Bryans often stepped outside the laboratory and encouraged the international exchange of information on them. He was the principal organizer of the first four International Conferences on Equine Infectious Diseases (the first was held in Stresa, Italy, in 1966) and the author of more than 100 articles, as well as a significant contributor to eight books.

Dr. Bryans was a member of Phi Kappa Phi, Sigma Xi, the American Society for Microbiology, the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology, the American Veterinary Medical Association and the Conference of Research Workers in Animal Diseases in North America. He was often consulted by numerous laboratories around the world as well as the Veterinary Biologics Division of the U.S.D.A., and worked with such groups as racing and breeders’ associations in France, Italy, Ireland, Japan and the United States. Dr. Bryans obtained five U.S. and foreign patents and won several honors, including an honorary doctor of veterinary medicine degree from the University of Berne, Switzerland, and was elected to the Academy of Veterinary Science at the University of Barcelona.

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