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Thomas M. Chambers, Ph.D.
(859) 218-1126

Associate Professor
Department of Veterinary Science
M.H. Gluck Equine Research Center
College of Agriculture, Food & Environment
University of Kentucky

photo of horse 1. Cytokine responses to infection with equine-1 (Prague/56) influenza virus, which is (so far) a unique example of an established mammalian influenza virus with characteristics of the high-pathogenicity avian influenza viruses.
2. Mapping of the attenuation mutations in FluAvert™, with an eye toward antigenic updating of this vaccine.
3. Development of a new modified-live virus vaccine based on a different principle of attenuation.
4. Collaborations with my fellow faculty member, Dr. David Horohov, on immune function in the older horse using influenza as a model.
  5. Evaluation of the capability of hyperbaric oxygen to inactivate equine respiratory pathogens.



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