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Faculty at the Gluck Equine Research Center

Adams, Amanda A. Immunology
Bailey, Ernest Immunogenetics
Balasuriya, Udeni Virology
Ball, Barry A. Equine Reproduction
Chambers, Thomas M. Veterinary Microbiology
Cook, R. Frank Veterinary Microbiology
Esteller-Vico, Alejandro Reproduction
Graves, Kathryn T. Animal Genetic Testing & Research Laboratory
Hale, Gracie Library Services
Horohov, David W. Immunology, Chair & Director
Howe, Daniel K. Parasitology, Director of Graduate Studies
Issel, Charles J. Veterinary Microbiology
Lyons, Eugene T. Parasitology
MacLeod, James N. Musculoskeletal Sciences
McDowell, Karen J. Reproductive Physiology
Nielsen, Martin K. Parasitology
Squires, Edward L. Reproduction
Swerczek, Thomas W. Pathology
Timoney, John F. Veterinary Microbiology
Timoney, Peter J. Viral Arteritis
Tobin, Thomas Pharmacology & Experimental Therapeutics
Troedsson, Mats Equine Reproduction
Howe, Daniel K. Parasitology, Director of Graduate Studies

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