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photo of Dr. LearTeri Lear, PhD

Gluck Equine Research Center
Department of Veterinary Science
University of Kentucky
Lexington, KY 40546-0099

Phone: (859) 218-1108
Fax: (859) 257-8542

Curriculum Vitae

Why study horse genetics and genomics?

Research Interests

My lab conducts research in the areas of comparative genomics, clinical cytogenetics and genetic systems related to the health of horses and other mammals.  While I work primarily in the area of equine genetics, I also include other members of the family Equidae, such as the hemiones and zebras, and other Perissodactyls, such as rhinos and tapirs.


Maxwell H.Gluck Equine Research Center
Department of Veterinary Science, University of Kentucky
Lexington, Kentucky 40546-0099

Main Office (859) 257-4757
Fax (859) 257-8542