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Why study horse genetics and genomics?

Teri Lear, PhD
(859) 218-1108

  • Horses are a leading economic industry in Kentucky.  Understanding the genome organization of the horse is key to understanding how to improve the health of horses, thereby improving the economy of Kentucky and the welfare of its citizens.

  • Genetics plays an important role in the health of horses.  Genetics influences disease resistance, metabolism, behavior, performance and fertility.  Understanding equine genetics will enable us to improve our management of horses on a day to day basis.  It will also help us determine how genetic abnormalities cause disease in horses.  We have made significant contributions to the Horse Genome Project by mapping genes to horse chromosomes.  This work has led to the development of new genomic tools.  We are now using these tools to unravel the causes of genetic diseases in horses. 

Research Interests


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