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Equine Gene Structure Annotation

James N. MacLeod, VMD, PhD
(859) 218-1140

Welcome to the MacLeod Lab Equine Genome Browser. This resource was developed to support the analysis of protein-coding genes in the horse. Consensus structural annotation was generated by combining in silico predictions from Ensembl and NCBI with equine-specific data from RNA-sequencing (RNA-seq) experiments*.  A majority of the consensus gene models are computationally generated, including exon boundaries defined by the RNA-seq read alignments.  Annotation on only a subset of gene loci have been manually curated.  As such, careful analysis of any specific locus of interest is recommended.  The browser displays the consensus gene models, the supporting RNA-seq derived data (when available), and/or in silico Ensembl and NCBI predictions (when available). Searches can be performed using gene IDs (from Ensembl or NCBI), locus IDs, or specific genomic locations (chromosome #: start-stop). The server supporting this database is hosted by Intrepid Bioinformatics (

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*Please use the following citation if information from this browser is included in a publication:

SJ Coleman, Z Zeng, K Wang, S Luo, I Khrebtukova, MJ Mienaltowski, GP Schroth, J Liu, and JN MacLeod.  (2010)  Structural Annotation of Equine Protein-Coding Genes Determined by mRNA Sequencing.  Animal Genetics 41(Supplement 2): 121-130. [PMID: 21070285]

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