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Commentary (Genomics) (Oct 16)
Pandora's Box-Equine Genomics (Oct 16)
Commentary (Jan 15)
Neonatal Isoerythrolysis (Jan 10)
Early Embryonic Loss & Genetics (Apr 09)
Breed the Best to the Best (Apr 06)
Genetic Disease in the Horse (Apr 05)
Horse Genomics Research Update (Jan 04)
Chromosomal Abnormalities in Horses (Jan 01)
Equine Genome Project (Apr 00)
From Blood to Hair (Apr 00)
USDA Funds Genome Project (Jul 98)
Genetic Marker Analysis of Feral Horses (Apr 98)
Gene Map for the Horse (Jan 95) (pdf format)
Blood Typing and Identification (Oct 93) (pdf format)

Other Cardiovascular
Equine Congenital Cardiovascular Anomalies (Jul 16)
Commentary - Stem Cells (Jul 12)
"Heart Attacks" and Heart Disease in Horses (Oct 10)
Maturation of the Neonate's Immune Response (Jul 05)
Uterine Artery Rupture (Oct 01)
Cardiovascular Disease (Jan 97)
Hemolytic Disease of the Newborn Foal (Jan 95) (pdf format)

Commentary - Emerging Diseases (Jul 16)
Commentary - Critical Thinking (Apr 16)
Commentary - Changing Times (Jan 16)
Commentary - Crisis Communication (Apr 14)
Commentary - One Health (Jan 14)
Commentary - Ongoing Research (Oct 13)
Commentary - Surveys (Jul 13)
Conducting a Scientific Survey of a State's Equine Population (Jul 13)
Commentary - Infectious Disease Control (Apr 13)
Commentary (Jan 13)
Commentary - Epidemiology (Apr 12)
Adverse Events (Jul 10)
Commentary - Critical Thinking (Apr 10)
Risk Reduction (Jul 09)
Commentary - Veterinarian-Client-Patient Relationship (Apr 08)
Commentary - Happy Anniversary! (Oct 07)
Commentary - Knowledge is Power (Jul 07)
International Collating Centre (Apr 07)
Commentary - Disease Outbreaks (Jul 06)
Equine Disease Surveillance in KY (Oct 05)
Bibliographies (Oct 05)
Commentary - Research (Oct 05)
Risk Reduction (Apr 05)
50th Issue - Commentary (Jan 05)
50th Issue - Equine Immunology: Past, Present, and Future (Jan 05)
50th Issue - Research into Equine Bacterial Disease (Jan 05)
50th Issue - A Broad Perspective on Chondrocyte Gene Expression (Jan 05)
50th Issue - EIA: 25 Years and $600 Million Later (Jan 05)
50th Issue - Equine Arteritis Virus (Jan 05)
Equine Placenta Workshop Proceedings (Jul 04)
Bibliographies (Jan 04)
Commentary - Critical Thinking (Jul 03)
Bibliographies (Oct 02)
Commentary - Disease Report (Apr 02)
Updated Information on New Bibliographies (Jan 02)
Commentary - NAHMS (Jan 01)
Bibliographic Databases on the Web (Apr 00)
Commentary - Information on the Internet (Apr 00)
Commentary - Grayson Foundation (Jul 99)
Bibliographies (Jan 99)
Commentary - Emergency Disaster Planning (Oct 98)
Kentucky Disaster Planning (Oct 98)
Commentary - 8th ICEID (Jul 98)
Commentary - Disaster Response (Jul 97)
Survey Results (Jul 97) 
Bibliographies (Apr 97)
Health Survey (Jan 97)
Seeking Information (Jul 96)
Commentary - Communication (Apr 96)
Commentary - Tokyo meeting (Oct 94) (pdf format)
Action Plan (Apr 94) (pdf format)
Internet (Apr 94) (pdf format)
Commentary - Bacterial Disease (Jan 93) (pdf format)
(Oct 92) (pdf format)

  Commentary - Communication (Oct 15)
Commentary - Dangerous Weather (Jul 15)
Commentary - Crisis Communication (Apr 14)
Dying Ash Trees and Wildfire Threat (Oct 13)
Spring 2012 Tornadoes (Jul 12)
Being Prepared for Weather Disasters (Jan 12)
Biosecurity During Horse Events (Jul 11)
Commentary - Disaster Planning (Jul 11)
National Veterinary Stockpile (Oct 09)
Anatomy of a Disaster (Apr 09)
Commentary - Mother Nature (Apr 07)
Wildfires, Droughts, and Lightning (Jul 07)
New Madrid Fault—Earthquakes in Kentucky (Apr 07)
Horse Barn Fires (Oct 99)
Changing Tides in Insulin Resistance Interpretation (Apr 13)
Equine Laminitis (Jul 12)
Possible Role of Adipose Tissue in the Development of Laminitis (Apr 06)
Insulin Resistance and Inflammatory Challenges (Jan 04)
Insulin Resistance in the Horse: Significance and Pharmacologic Management (Oct 02)
Oxytocin and Maternal Recognition of Pregnancy in Mares (Jan 98)
Thyroid Hormone (Oct 97) 
Melatonin - The Hormone of Darkness (Jan 97) 

The Importance of Nutrition in Enhancing Immunity in the Aging Horse (Oct 13)
The 'Older' Horse: An Immunological Perspective (Apr 12)
Antibody Titers (Oct 09)


Equine Glanders: A Diagnostic Approach in Germany (Jan 16)
Anhidrosis (Oct 15)
Economic Impacts of Vesicular Stomatitis Outbreaks (Jul 15)
Atopic Dermatitis (Jul 15)
Reducing Risk from Tick-Borne Diseases (Jul 14)
Pastern Dermatitis – A Pathologist's Perspective (Jul 13)
Equine Melanoma and the Nature of Malignancy (Jul 12)
Glanders (Jul 11)
Dealing with Ticks (Apr 11)
Fire Ants and Horses (Apr 08)
Managing Imported Fire Ants in Horse Pastures (Apr 08)
On-Site Test for Equine Glanders (Jan 08)
External Parasite Control for Horses (Jul 05)
Vesicular Stomatitis (Jul 04)
Glanders (Oct 03)
Glanders Jan 03)
Equine Skin Disease (Apr 01)
Foot and Mouth Disease (Apr 01)
Cutaneous Neoplasms of Horses (Jul 99)
Managing Ticks on Horses (Jul 99)
Outbreak of Erosive Stomatitis in Argentina (Jul 99)
Equine Sarcoid (Apr 99)
Outbreak of Glanders (Apr 96)
Update: Vesicular stomatitis virus (VSV) (Oct 95) (pdf format)
Lyme Disease and Ticks (Jul 93) (pdf format)

Evolution in Equine Parasite Control (Apr 12)
Drug Resistance of Equine Internal Parasites (Jul 06)
Drug-Resistant Parasites in Horses (Jul 02)
Equine Tapeworms (Apr 99)
Parasitism in Horses (Jan 99)
Equine Cryptosporidiosis - An Emerging Problem? (Apr 95) (pdf format)
Mortality Caused by Small Strongyles(Apr 95) (pdf format)
How Ivermectin Affects Strongyle Transmission (Oct 93) (pdf format)

Nitrate Poisoning in Horses (Oct 09)
Poisoning in Horses (Oct 08)
Simarouba poisoning in horses - Japan (Apr 02)
Blister beetle poisoning (Oct 99)
Falling leaves (Oct 95) (pdf format)
A toxic hazard (acaricide spray/dip) (Jul 95) (pdf format)
Moldy corn poisoning(Apr 95) (pdf format)
Contaminated bedding (poplar shavings) (Oct 94) (pdf format)
Monensin: A threat to horses (Apr 94) (pdf format)
Yew poisoning in horses (Oct 93) (pdf format)

Rotavirus vaccination in foals (Jan 04)
Rotavirus vaccine (Apr 96)
Rotavirus-Foals remain at risk (Oct 92) (pdf format)  

Commentary (Oct 02)
Equine salmonellosis in the US and KY (Oct 02)
Commentary (Jan 98) 
Salmonella antimicrobial susceptibility (Jan 98)
Commentary (Oct 96) 
Equine salmonellosis - Central KY and US (Oct 96)
Salmonellosis update(Oct 94) (pdf format)
Salmonellosis: A Cyclical Disease (Jan 93) (pdf format)

Other Intestinal
Equine Monocytic Ehrlichiosis: Kentucky Case Series (Oct 13)
Potomac Horse Fever (Jan 12)
Microbial Colonization of the Foal's Gastrointestinal Tract (Jan 11)
Equine Proliferative Enteropathy (Jan 10)
Proliferative enteropathy in horses (Oct 06)
Liver disorders in horses (Jul 05)
Evolution of equine dentistry (Apr 04)
Clostridial enterocolitis in horses (Jan 02)
Tyzzer's disease (Jan 98)
Gastric ulceration - An encouraging trend (Oct 97)
Alimentary disease of older horses (Oct 96) 
Potomac horse fever - An update (Oct 96)
Alimentary tract diseases of foals (Apr 96)
Diarrhea among young foals (Jul 95) (pdf format)
Colitis (Apr 95) (pdf format)

Fire Ant Surveillance for Horse Farms (Oct 16)
Mcr-1 and Other New Resistance Genes: What is the Threat to Horses? (Jul 16)
Kentucky Mosquitoes (Apr 16)
Syndromic Surveillance and Spatial Epidemiology (Apr 16)
Hand Protection (Jan 16)
Getah Virus: Significance as an Equine Pathogen (Oct 15)
Commentary (Hospital-Acquired Infections) (Apr 15)
Diagnostic Sample Submission Guidelines (Jan 15)
Responsible Interpretation of Polymerase Chain Reaction Assays (Jan 15)
Emergence of Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus Sequence Type 398 in Horses (Apr 14)
Selenium Status in Horses (Oct 13)
Kentucky Pastures (Jan 13)
Epidemiology in Practice (Apr 12)
Commentary (Giving Back) (Jan 12)
Commentary (Weather) (Apr 11)
Understanding Piroplasmosis (Jul 10)
Commentary (Jul 10)
PCR: Benefits & Drawbacks (Apr 10)
Legal & Ethical Veterinary Compounding (Apr 10)
The Value of Horses to Kentucky's Economy (Jan 10)
Commentary (Owner/Guardian) (Oct 09)
Horse-Related Human Injuries (Jul 09)
Commentary (Equine research) (Jul 09)
Commentary (Epidemiology) (Apr 09)
Commentary (Advances in veterinary medicine) (Jan 09)
MRI Diagnostics (Jan 09)
The Racetrack: A Changing Perspective (Jan 09)
Animal Disposal (Jan 09)
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (Jan 09)
Contracted Foal Syndrome (Oct 08)
Mammary Gland Tumors in Mares (Jul 08)
Causes of Foal Mortality, a One-Year Snapshot (Jan 08)
Wise use of antibacterial drugs (Oct 07)
Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (Oct 07)
Interpreting Diagnostic Serology (Jan07)
Commentary (Diagnostic technology)
(Jan 07)
Decreasing Risk
(Apr 06)
Commentary (Early diagnoses) (Apr 06)
Commentary (Emerging bacteria) (Apr 05)
Commentary (Comparative medicine) (Apr 04)
Commentary (Nucleic acid based testing) (Jan 03)
Nucleic acid based tests in disease diagnosis (Jan 03)
Nurse mares (Jul 00)
Disease conditions in geriatric horses (Jan 00)
Last year's drought on this year's pasture? (Jan 00)
Weighing young horses to assess quality and quantity of growth (Jul 99)
Alfalfa cubes: An alternative forage (Apr 99)
What is DNA vaccination?  (Jan 99)
Effects of weaning on growing foals (Jan 99)
Are race times improving? (Jul 98)
Wildlife (Jul 97) 
Tumors of horses (Oct 95) (pdf format)
Equus revisited (Jul 95) (pdf format)
Thresholds for therapeutic medications (Apr 95) (pdf format)
Contracted Foal Syndrome: A Common Congenital Defect (Jan 93) (pdf format)
Disease Outbreak at Three Northeast Racetracks (Oct 92) (pdf format)


The Thoroughbred Racehorse Foot (Jul 14)
Search for the Cause of Equine Atypical Myopathy (Apr 11)
Skull Fractures in Horses (Jul 06)
Pigeon fever (Apr 03)
Advanced imaging for horses (Jan 03)
Tying-up in horses (Oct 02)
Commentary (Jul 00)
Fractures in horses(Jul 00)
How much weight? (Jan 00)
The "Trollop" (Jan 99)
Kentucky racing injury survey (Oct 95) (pdf format)
Commentary (Jan 95) (pdf format)
Equine fracture cases (Jan 95) (pdf format)
Hyperkalemic periodic paralysis (Jul 94) (pdf format)
Lightning strikes (Jul 94)  (pdf format)
Laminitis (Apr 94) (pdf format)

Equine Botulism(Apr 14)
Botulism: A continuing threat (Jan 95) (pdf format)
Botulism in Australia (Jul 94) (pdf format)
Botulism: A threat to foals (Jan 93) (pdf format)

Vector-borne Diseases and the Emergent Threat They Pose (Jul 16)
Eastern Equine Encephalomyelitis (Apr 16)
Eastern Equine Encephalomyelitis (Oct 15)
Eastern Equine Encephalomyelitis Cases (Jan 12)
2008 EEE Outbreak in Québec (Jul 09)
West Nile Incidence & Vaccination, 1999-2007 (Jul 08)
KY's EIA and West Nile Surveillance Program (Apr 06)
Update on West Nile & Vesicular Stomatitis, 2005 (Oct 05)
KY's 2004 West Nile Surveillance Program
(Apr 05)
Update on West Nile & Vesicular Stomatitis, 2004
(Oct 04)
2003 EIA and West Nile Surveillance and Testing (Apr 04)
West Nile Virus 2003 (Jan 04)
Early West Nile Activity, 2003 (Jul 03)
West Nile 2002 (Jan 03)
West Nile Virus Update (Oct 02)
West Nile Virus Update (Jul 02)
West Nile Surveillance, 2001 (Apr 02)
EEE/WEE in 2001 (Apr 02)
West Nile Virus Update (Jan 02)
West Nile Virus Update (Oct 01)
West Nile Virus Surveillance (Jul 01)
West Nile Update (Jan 01)
West Nile Update (Oct 00)
An unwelcome visitor (Jan 00)
Commentary (Jan 00)
EEE/WEE Update (Jan 99)
Commentary (Oct 97) 
EEE - Not just an equine problem (Jul 97) 
Re-emergence in Mexico of VEE (Oct 96) 
Commentary (Jan 96) 
VEE outbreak in South America (Jan 96) 
WEE and EEE update (Jan 96) 
1993 EEE/WEE update (Oct 94)  (pdf format)
Equine Encephalomyelitis (Apr 93) (pdf format)
New Mosquito in Florida (Oct 92) (pdf format)

EPM Diagnostics (Apr 13)
Current Treatments for EPM (Jan 07)
EPM: Efforts to open the black box
(Oct 05)
S. neurona antibody prevalence in horses at Morehead State (Jan 02)
EPM and the prospects for an effective vaccine(Jul 00)
Commentary (Apr 98) 
EPM workshop (Apr 98)
EPM: Greater diagnositc capability (Apr 93) (pdf format)  


Rabies Cases During 2011 (Apr 13)
Kentucky 2011 Rabies Map (Jan 12)
Rabies: Preventable but Still Invariably Fatal (Apr 11)
US Rabies Cases 2008 (Apr 10)
Rabies in Kentucky (Jul 07)
Rabies in the United States and Puerto Rico, 2005 (Apr 07)

Rabies in Kentucky - 2003 and 2004 (Oct 04)
Rabies - 2000 (Apr 02)
Equine rabies 1999 (Jul 01)
Rabies in Kentucky - 1999 (Jul 00)
Equine rabies: Old disease, new risks (Apr 00)
Equine rabies, 1997 (Apr 99)
Rabies in Kentucky - 1997 (Jul 98)
Commentary (Apr 97)
Rabies - 1996 (Apr 97) 
Equine rabies in Canada (Jul 96)
Rabies - 1994 (Apr 96)
Commentary (Jul 95) (pdf format)
A preventable threat (rabies) (Jul 95) (pdf format)
Rabies in Kentucky - 1994 (Jan 95) (pdf format)
Case of equine rabies (Jan 94) (pdf format)
Rabies update (Jan 94)  (pdf format)
Rabies - A Continued Threat from Wildlife (Oct 92) (pdf format)

Other Neurologic

Where Are We Headed with Wobbler Syndrome? (Jan 15)
Equine Encephalitis Cases (Jan 14)
Equine Neurologic Disease (Apr 13)
Equine Grass Sickness—Still an Enigma (Jan 13)
Commentary (WNV) (Oct 12)
Equine Herpesvirus Myeloencephalopathy (EHM) (Jul 09)
Demystifying Neurologic Herpes (Apr 07)
Equine Neurologic Pathology (Jan 07)
New Insights into Equine Herpesvirus-1 (EHV-1) Neurological Disease (Jan 06)
Commentary (Jul 05)
Dissolving the stain of pain (Jul 04)
The bane that is pain (Apr 04)
Equine neurologic disease
(Jul 03)
Central nervous system diseases (Jan 96)
Equine motor neuron disease (Jul 94) (pdf format)
Neurological form of rhinopneumonitis (Apr 94) (pdf format)

"Wobbler" Syndrome: No Change (Apr 93) (pdf format)

Equine herpesvirus associated ocular disease (Apr 16)
Ophthalmic disease outbreak (Jan 97)
Equine ophthalmology: Corneal injuries (Jul 94)  (pdf format)

The Importance of Cleaning to Disinfection (Oct 16)
USEF Drugs and Medications Rules (Jul 15)
Recent Changes to the USEF Equine Drugs and Medications Rule (Oct 12)
Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing (Jul 11)
A Distribution Model for an Equine Piroplasmosis Vector, the American Dog Tick (Jul 11)
Water Quality Testing (Oct 10)
Commentary (Oct 10)
Monitoring & Surveillance of Equine Infectious Diseases (Jan 10)
Potential Threat of African Horse Sickness to the United States (Apr 09)
Syndromic Surveillance of Equine Infectious Diseases in France (Oct 08)
USEF Equine Drugs & Medications Program (Jul 08)
Commentary - Disease Diagnosis (Jul 08)
Investigating Foreign Animal Diseases (Jan 08)

Commentary - Epidemics of Equine Influenza (Jan 08)
Worldwide Equine Influenza Surveillance (Jul 05)

Commentary - Euthanasia (Oct 04)
USDA Tick Survey (Jul 04)
Commentary - Vaccination (Jan 04)
Commentary - Serological testing (Oct 03)
Equine Babesiosis (Piroplasmosis) (Oct 03)
Manure Concerns (Oct 03)
Commentary - Import procedures (Jul 01)
Commentary - Vaccines (Apr 01)
Drugs and show horses (Oct 00)
Import/export of horses for the summer Olympics (Oct 96) 
Disinfection of equine facilities (Jul 96) 
Kentucky's VSV embargo (Jan 96)
Import/export trends for Thoroughbreds, 1980-1994 (Jul 95) (pdf format)
Commentary - Action plan  (Apr 94) (pdf format)
Electronic identification of horses (Apr 94) (pdf format)

New health certification for European Community (Jul 93) (pdf format)
African Horse Sickness in Spain
(Jan 93) (pdf format)
Kentucky's Equine Embargo (Jan 93) (pdf format)

Nocardioform Placentitis Affecting the 2011 Foal Crop (Jan 12)
Commentary (Placentitis) (Oct 00)
Nocardioform placentitis (Oct 00)
Commentary (Apr 99)
Placentitis in mares (Jul 98)
Bacterial isolates from mares' reproductive tracts (Jan 94) (pdf format)
Commentary (Jan 94)  (pdf format)
Equine Placentitis (Apr 93) (pdf format)

CEM: An Insidious and Potentially Pervasive Disease (Oct 12)
CEM - A continuing threat to international trade (Oct 01)
Contagious equine metritis in Japan (Oct 99)
CEM in the USA (Apr 98)
Commentary (Jan 97) 
More CEM (Jan 97)
CEM in the UK (Jul 96)
Mares imported from CEM countries (Apr 93) (pdf format)

Manifestations of Equine Herpesvirus–1 (Oct 15)
Equine Herpes Virus Abortions (Jul 08)
Equine herpesvirus neurological disease in the USA and United Kingdom (Jul 03)
Equine herpes virus abortions (Oct 01)
A portrait of the pathogenesis of equine herpesvirus abortion (Oct 98)
Increased incidence of EHV-1 abortion (Oct 97)
EHV-1 abortion (Apr 96)
Increase in EHV-1 Abortions (Oct 92) (pdf format)  

Endophyte Toxicity
Fescue toxicosis (Jan 98)
Endophyte toxicity: A cause of foal mortality (Oct 96) 


EVA Outbreak in Argentina (Oct 10)
EVA Outbreak in New Mexico (Oct 06)
Testing for equine viral arteritis in Japan (Jan 03)
NAHMS equine '98 study (Oct 00)
The rationale for greater national control of EVA (Oct 98)
The carrier stallion as a reservoir of Equine Arteritis Virus (Oct 97)
EVA in Thoroughbred sales yearlings (Jan 94)  (pdf format)

Racetrack outbreak of EVA (Oct 93) (pdf format)
(Oct 93) (pdf format)
EAV: Significance for the stallion (Jan 93) (pdf format)

Reproductive Leptospirosis (Jul 14)
Leptospiral Abortion: An Update (Apr 11)
Leptospiral Abortions (Oct 09)
Equine leptospirosis (Jul 07)
Equine leptospirosis (Apr 04)
Equine leptospirosis (Apr 01)
Equine leptospirosis (Oct 99)
Equine leptospirosis (Jul 97)
Equine leptospirosis (Jul 95) (pdf format)
Update on Leptospira-induced abortion (Jul 94)  (pdf format)
Leptospira-induced abortion (Oct 92) (pdf format)

Mare Reproductive Loss Syndrome

MRLS pasture monitoring program (Apr 04)
MRLS proceedings and bibliography (Jul 03)
Summary of the 2002 MRLS pasture monitoring program (Apr 03)
Commentary (MRLS) (Jul 02)
Mare Reproductive Loss Syndrome: Pathologic findings (Jul 02)
MRLS degree days - What it means (Jul 02)
Commentary (MRLS)(Oct 01)
MRLS epidemiological study (Oct 01)
Mare Reproductive Loss Syndrome (MRLS) (Jul 01)

Other Reproductive

The Asymptomatic Carrier Stallion: Critical Role in Venereal Disease Transmission (Oct 16)
Using Progesterone as a Diagnostic Tool during Equine Pregnancy (Jul 16)
Mobile Blue Light Therapy (Oct 12)
Dourine in Italy (Jul 12)
Foal Heat Breeding (Apr 10)
Equine Placentitis: Common Causes and Newly Emerging Pathogens (Apr 08)
Economics of Broodmare Reproduction (Oct 06)
Commentary (Oct 06)
Reproductive Efficiency of Thoroughbred Mares in Central Kentucky (Jan 06)

Equine Pregnancy Terminology (Jan 06)
Characteristics of the Equine Placenta (Apr 05)
Endometrial Biopsy (Oct 04)
Breeding Soundness Exam of the Stallion (Oct 03)
Fetal sex determination (Jul 03)
Commentary (equine abortion) (Apr 03)
Diagnostic approaches to equine abortion (Apr 03)
Umbilical cord torsion (Apr 02)
Reproductive success in broodmares - Part 2 (Jan 02)
Reproductive success in broodmares (Apr 01)
Conceptus-maternal communication in horses (Apr 98)
Estrus cycle-related performance problems in mares (Apr 97)
Commentary (Oct 95) (pdf format)
Dual hemisphere breeding of Thoroughbred stallions (Oct 95) (pdf format)
1994 foaling season (demographics of vaccination study) (Oct 94)  (pdf format)

Post partum deaths of mares (Oct 93) (pdf format)
Pregnancy rates in mares: Timing of First Breeding (Jul 93) (pdf format)
Fescue, Endophyte, and Mares (Jul 93) (pdf format)


Updating Equine Influenza (Oct 11)
Why take nasal swabs? (Apr 09)
What in the world is going on with equine influenza? (Oct 07)
Commentary (Jan 06)

Expert surveillance panel on equine influenza vaccines (Apr 03)
Commentary (Oct 99)
Foal vaccination for equine influenza (Apr 98)
Equine influenza (Jul 97) 
A new equine influenza vaccine in Japan (Apr 97) 
Equine influenza (Jan 96)
China flu (Jul 94)  (pdf format)
Commentary (Jul 94) (pdf format)
A new test for equine influenza (Jan 94) (pdf format)

Commentary (Apr 93) (pdf format)
Hong Kong Flu (Apr 93) (pdf format)

Strangles Vaccines & Immunity to Streptococcus equi (Jul 06)
Serology of Streptococcus equi infection: Uses and limitations (Apr 97) 
Commentary (Jul 96)
Controlling strangles (Jul 96) 

Other Respiratory

Heaves, COPD, RAO, or Simply Equine Asthma? (Jan 15)
Streptococcus zooepidemicus – Only an Opportunist? (Jul 13)
Hendra Virus and Protection Adopted by Equine Veterinarians (Jan 13)
Hendra Virus: An Unprecedented Outbreak in Australia (Oct 11)
Foal Pneumonia (Jul 10)
Rhodococcus equi Pneumonia Update (Jul 04)
Commentary - Rhodococcus equi (Jul 04)
Perinatal asphyxia in foals (Jan 01)
Why the guttural pouches (Oct 97)
Bacterial lung disease (Jul 97) 
Respiratory disease (Apr 97) 
Death of racehorses in Australia (morbillivirus) (Jan 95) (pdf format)
Maternal antibodies interfere with vaccination (Oct 94) (pdf format)
Conference on bleeders (Jan 94) (pdf format)
Rhodococcus equi: A Summer Problem (Jan 93) (pdf format)

Equine Infectious Anemia
Kentucky's 2013 EIA Surveillance and Testing: (Apr 14)
Kentucky's 2010 EIA Surveillance and Testing: A Successful Model of Disease Surveillance (Apr 11)
EIA Surveillance 2007 (Apr 08)
Kentucky's 2004 EIA Surveillance Program (Jul 05)
EIA Surveillance, 2002 (Apr 03)
EIA Surveillance, 2001 (Apr 02)
EIA Surveillance, 2000 (Apr 01)
The risk of EIA in foals (Jan 01)
EIA Surveillance, 1999 (Apr 00)
EIA Surveillance, 1998 (Apr 99)
Commentary (Jan 99)
EIA testing of wild free-roaming horses (Oct 98)
1997 EIA testing summary (Apr 98)
EIA surveillance (Apr 97)
EIA surveillance (Apr 96)
Commentary (Apr 95) (pdf format)
Equine infectious anemia (Apr 95) (pdf format)
EIA surveillance (Oct 94)  (pdf format)
EIA surveillance (Oct 93) (pdf format)
EIA in Western Kentucky (Oct 92) (pdf format)

Other Systemic
Equine Lymphosarcoma (Jan 16)
Blister Beetles and Alfalfa: A Potentially Lethal Mix (Jan 16)
Equine Tyzzer's Disease Update: January 1993-April 2015 (Jul 15)
Working Equids in Low-Income Countries–Impact of Infectious Disease (Jul 15)
Equine Lyme Disease (Jul 14)
Epizootic Lymphangitis (Apr 14)
Trypanosoma evansi Infection in Horses (Jan 14)
Multisystemic Eosinophilic Epitheliotrophic Disease (Jan 14)
Snakebite in Horses (Jul 13)
Fluoridated Water and Horses (Oct 12)
Corynebacterium pseudotuberculosis Infections in Horses (Jul 12)
Commentary (Regenerative Medicine) (Oct 11)
Equine Borreliosis (Lyme Disease) (Oct 11)
Potential Impacts of Regenerative Medicine (Oct 11)
BenZoylEcgonine Thresholds in Horse Urine (Jul 07)
Equine Jet Lag (Oct 04)
Effects of warm-up on performance (Jan 01)
Maintaining fluid balance in exercising horses (Jan 96) 
Hyperthermia syndrome in foals (Oct 94) (pdf format)
Anaphylactic reactions (Apr 94) (pdf format)
Septicemic foals (Jul 93) (pdf format)
Commentary (Jul 93) (pdf format)
Equine Fatigue Syndrome (Oct 92) (pdf format)

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