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Research in the Gluck Equine Research Center

The Maxwell H. Gluck Center has received international recognition for its research dedicated to improving the health and welfare of horses.

Faculty and staff with expertise in Infectious Diseases study many of the important viral, bacterial, and parasitic organisms that threaten horses throughout the world. 

Photo in infectious disease lab
These investigations are complimented by the Immunology group who are characterizing immune responses of the horse at the molecular level.  Photo in immunology lab
Scientists in Reproductive Physiology study environmental and biochemical factors affecting pregnancy in mares.  Photo of mare & foal
Arthritis and related joint injuries that frequently limit athletic performance in horses is being studied by the Musculoskeletal group. 
Photo in musculoskeletal lab
Medications, toxic compounds, and problems associated with detection of performance enhancing drugs are the focus of the Pharmacology, Therapeutics, and Toxicology group.  Thermographic Analysis
Scientists in the Immunogenetics and Genomics group investigate the organization of genes on equine chromosomes and work to identify genetic determinants of important inherited traits in horses.  Members of this group are also active participants in the international collaborative effort to sequence the entire horse genome. Horse chromosome 3


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