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Research - Immunogenetics and Genomics

Closeup imageHealth and welfare of horses begins with a robust genetic constitution and finishes with effective management.  Scientists in this group characterize genetic differences among horses, differences in gene expression between tissues, and changes in gene expression that occur during disease processes and therapeutic interventions.  As a result of the Human Genome Project and related research programs, technologies are being developed that enable global investigations of the genome (DNA sequences and gene maps), transcriptome (RNA products of genes and templates for proteins) and proteome (protein products of genes).  These new technologies are facilitating efforts by scientists to better understand disease problems, develop improved diagnostic tests, enhance therapeutic approaches, and optimize management practices for the benefit horses and horse owners.  Research topics within the Immunogenetics and Genomics group span hereditary diseases, developmental defects of the musculoskeletal system, infectious diseases, reproductive dysfunction, and even coat color patterns.

Immunogenetics and Genomics Faculty

Ernest Bailey
Teri Lear
James N. MacLeod

GTG banded horse metaphase spread




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