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Research - Infectious Diseases

Photo of Infectious Diseases labImportant viral (equine arteritis, equine influenza, equine infectious anemia, equine herpes including the abortion, paralytic and respiratory forms), bacterial (such as the causative agent of strangles) and parasitic (strongyles, tapeworms, and the protozoan responsible for neurological condition equine protozoal myeloencephalitis) microorganisms are being investigated by the Infectious Diseases group.  In addition to laboratory-based studies, the incidence of infectious diseases in horses throughout the country is closely monitored and studies are conducted to assist horse owners and veterinarians manage severe outbreaks including those caused by bioterrorism.

Immunofluorescent stainInfectious Diseases Faculty

Udeni B. R. Balasuriya
Thomas M. Chambers
R. Frank Cook
Roberta M. Dwyer
Daniel K. Howe
Charles J. Issel
Eugene T. Lyons
Martin K. Nielsen
John F. Timoney
Peter J. Timoney



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