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Photo of Dr. Peter TimoneyPeter J . Timoney, MVB, MS, PhD, FRCVS

Gluck Equine Research Center
Department of Veterinary Science
University of Kentucky
Lexington, KY 40546-0099

Phone: (859) 218-1094
Fax: (859) 257-8542

Curriculum Vitae

Equine arteritis virus and the disease, equine viral arteritis, continue to be the subjects of major research interest. Studies are continuing into defining the mechanisms both viral and host-related, that enable establishment and persistence of equine arteritis virus in the reproductive tract of the stallion. The role of androgens and local and systemic immunity on maintenance of the carrier state are of especial interest. An in vitro model of viral persistence is being investigated for evaluation of specific chemical compounds as potential therapeutic agents for elimination of the carrier state.


Work is continuing into defining the genomic markers of pathogenicity among strains of equine arteritis virus with particular reference to the virus' potential to cause abortion/illness and death in young foals and establishment of the carrier state in the stallion.

Enhancement of existing laboratory test procedures for the diagnosis of equine arteritis virus infection remains a significant area of investigation.  Additionally, efforts are in progress to develop a safer, modified live virus marker vaccine and a comparison diagnostic test against equine viral arteritis.

nother area of current interest is contagious equine metritis and the possible clinical significance and role of Taylorella asinigenitalis in causing the disease.  The distribution and frequency of infection with this bacterium in the non-horse equid population is currently under study as well as persistence of T. asinigenitalis on the external genitalia of the castrated donkey jack.


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