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Photo of Dr. TobinThomas Tobin, MVB, MSc, PhD, MRCVS, DABT

Gluck Equine Research Center
Department of Veterinary Science
University of Kentucky
Lexington, KY 40546-0099

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Curriculum Vitae

Equine Pharmacology, Therapeutics and Toxicology (EPTT)

Since 1975 the EPTT program has contributed 350 plus publications, one 500 page standard text, “Drugs and the Performance Horse”, hosted and published two International Conferences of Racing Analysts and Veterinarians, numerous national and international workshops, developed two unique courses on “Ethics in Scientific Research” and “Risk Assessment”, ‘spun off’ the first company from UK, and patented and licensed the first FDA approved treatment for Equine Protozoal Myelitis (EPM).


In the early 1980s the program published the research that underlies the national furosemide plasma threshold, and work in the mid-1990s set forth the scientific basis for regulatory thresholds in equine urine.  Further work on regulatory thresholds and provision of the necessary stable isotope and drug metabolite standards for such thresholds is ongoing.


In 1999 the program patented the use of diclazuril related agents in the prevention and treatment of Equine Protozoal Myelitis (EPM) now marketed as Marquis® and a forthcoming diclazuril formulation.  This patent is a significant UK IP, and further work in this area and on other therapeutic patents is ongoing.


In 1988-90 the program introduced ELISA testing to racing, simultaneously creating the first company “hot housed” at UK, WTT ELISA TESTS, later ELISA Technologies and now the Lexington division of Neogen Corporation on Nandino Boulevard.  The Neogen product line includes about 100 ELISA tests for equine and human medications and drugs of abuse, a panel of unique equine medication metabolite standards and, more recently, a developing panel of deuterated reference standards.  These proprietary technologies represent a significant UK IP, and this work is ongoing.

In 2001 the program within days identified the central role of Eastern Tent Caterpillars in the Mare Reproductive Loss Syndrome (MRLS); in 2002 the program proposed and copyrighted and registered a unique biological mechanism for MRLS and predicted the likely existence of other caterpillar related equine abortion syndromes akin to MRLS, such as the Equine Amnionitis and Fetal Loss (EAFL) syndrome recently identified in Australia.


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