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Mare Reproductive Loss Syndrome

Results to Farm Managers Questionnaire of May 7, 2001
Approximately 270 of The Kentucky Thoroughbred Farm Managers Club members were sent a questionnaire on Monday May 7 to determine the extent of early fetal losses.  An excellent response was received from 159 farms which completed the questionnaire by the morning of Wednesday, May 9.

The following information needs to be held in context of a “snapshot” of the pregnancy status of mares more than 42 days pregnant on the 159 reporting farms. 

The farms which provided data were primarily located in Fayette and the surrounding counties of Woodford, Bourbon, Scott and Jessamine counties.  Smaller numbers of responses were from Boyle, Clark, Montgomery, Muhlenberg, Oldham, Nicholas, Shelby, and Warren counties.

Of the 159 farms, 37 reported no early fetal losses.

Of the 159 farms responding,  17 had over 50% early fetal losses.  These were composed of 30 or fewer mares per farm pregnant at 42 days. 

The number of mares considered in foal when checked at 42 days of gestation was approximately 3294.

Of these, 2616 were still in foal on May 7 which represents a 79% pregnancy rate.

A more in-depth study involving farms all different breeds will be undertaken.

Survey results

surveys mailed out

farms responded

farms reported 
no early fetal loss

farms reported 
over 50% early fetal loss

mares pregnant after 42 days

of these mares still in foal 
on May 7

pregnancy rate

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