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February 3, 2003

The  Department of Entomology is Seeking Live Tent Caterpillar Egg Masses

Live masses will be partly or completely covered with a brownish coating (called spumaline) and will not have obvious holes in the eggs.  They are found on cherry twigs of about the diameter of a pencil (or perhaps a bit smaller).  There are photographs available.

To assist with this research:
1. Harvest some egg masses.  Prune them out on a 3-4" twig, bundle them with a rubber band or string, and KEEP THEM OUTDOORS (hanging the bundle from a convenient tree branch would be ideal).  Contact Leslie Foss (tel. 859-257-7475) or  for pick up.
2. If you have low cherry trees from which we can collect live eggs masses, or if you are taking down trees that may have masses, contact Leslie Foss (tel. 859-257-7475) or  We will arrange for a time to come out to collect them.

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