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The See Blue Go Green Paw Print Program was adapted, with permission, from the Harvard Office for Sustainability and Penn State's Green Paw Program.


Level 1

Download Level 1 Action Items (PDF)


At events and meetings, explain to participants your efforts in going green.



Turn off lights when not in use, including common areas, such as kitchens, conference rooms, and bathrooms.

When feasible turn off lights near windows and take advantage of natural lighting.

Check the temperature of refrigerators and freezers to make sure temperatures are within the recommended ranges.

When turning on the tap, use cold water whenever possible. Using hot water requires energy.


Events and Meetings

Take advantage of technology, such as email and instant messaging. When applicable, email messages to participants, and post items, such as flyers, presentations, brochures, and fact sheets on the Internet.

If providing a meal, purchase items, including condiments (sugar, sweeteners, and creamers) and water, in bulk.

If you are hosting an event, encourage participants to bring their own travel mugs or water bottles.

If you are attending an event, bring your own travel mug or water bottle.

Use your CES nametag as opposed to creating a new nametag.



Provide new hires with information about the offices green practices and policies.



Purchase materials, such as paper, folders, and envelopes, and paper towels and napkins, made from recycled content when possible if cost effective.

When purchasing new equipment, look for ENERGY STAR and WaterSense qualified products. Visit and for more information.



Run multiple errands at once to save gas.

If you plan to be parked for longer than 10 seconds, turn off your engine. Vehicle idling wastes gas and money, and causes increased air pollution.


Waste Reduction

Think before you print. Use both sides of paper for copying and taking notes.

Update mailing lists to reduce returned mailings and unneeded printing.

Contact your County Solid Waste Coordinator for information on recycling programs in your county or visit If your county offers recycling, provide recycling containers.

If applicable, donate unwanted equipment and furniture to a local charity, such as Goodwill. Or auction used equipment and furniture as a fundraising event. (Note: check your county's policies regarding donating and/or auctioning items.)

Purchase items that use less packaging. Buy items that are used frequently in bulk, and look for items that are sold in reusable or recycled containers.

Use reusable bags when shopping. Keep a reusable bag in the kitchen or other common area for those shopping to use.



Turn the water off when washing your hands.

If applicable, set the dishwasher to the water-saving or short cycle. Only run the dishwasher with a full load.

Have leaky faucets, fixtures, and toilets repaired.


Please note that the ENRI Task Force realizes that not all action items may be applicable in all county offices. Because CES inhabits the entire state, some counties may be more limited in some areas, such as public transportation or recycling, than others. If you have any questions feel free to contact Ashley Osborne at . We can all do our part in helping UK CES go green!

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