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Online Relationship Education Programs

What is Relationship Education?

Relationship education is a relatively new approach designed to help prevent marital distress and breakdown. It is based on the premise that couples can learn how to build and maintain successful, stable marriages. Couples can learn how to increase the behaviors that make a marriage successful and decrease those associated with marital distress and divorce. Strong, healthy marriages are those that have benefits for couples as well as their children. Relationship Enhancement® Programs are one example of educational programs that give couples experiences in deep intimacy–even in the heart of conflict–while teaching them tools to make problem solutions last. During the program, couples work through core problems through extended couple dialogues. Currently, the Bluegrass Healthy Marriage Initiative is providing the Relationship Enhancement® program to its constituents.

Below is a list of a few online programs to help promote and strengthen marriages.

Couple Communication 

Relationship Harmony

Interchurch Couples

Marriage Ed Online 

Family Dynamics 

Paul and Layne 

Marriage Prep 

Utah Marriage 

Couples Place 

What it Takes

The Power of Two (Online Games & Info)

Premarital Couples 
WebCT login is “marriageprep” the password is “guest”


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