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2012 Thesis & Dissertation List


Dietetics and Human Nutrition (formerly Nutrition and Food Science)

  • Higgins, J.  (2012). An analysis of the influence of nutrition information on consumers' restaurant menu choices.  Roseman, M. and S. Bastin, co-chairs.
  • Mahajan, P. (2012). Obesity related perceptions and practices among educators in the expanded food and nutrition education program. Kurzynske, J., Chair.
  • Reed, D. (2012). Kentucky WIC Participants’ Knowledge, Attitudes, and Beliefs Regarding Grains. Addo, K., Chair.
  • Baker, A. (2012). Evaluation of Body Composition of the Female Collegiate Athlete Using the Bod Pod. Kurzynske, J., Chair.
  • Oldiges, B. (2012). Perception and usage of video streaming/electronic media in nutrition education for Kentucky individuals. Bastin, S., Chair.

Family Sciences

  • Washington, K. (2012). Romantic attachment among young adults: The effects of parental divore and residential instability. Hans, J., Chair.
  • Dalton, M. (2012). Effects of self-directed physiological monitoring on therapist anxiety. Parker, T., Chair.
  • Puckett, J. (2012). Clients' experiences of spirituality in couple's therapy. Parker, T., Chair.
  • Peoples, B. (2012). Narrative on motherhood of incarcerated women. Smith, D., Chair.
  • Zhang, Q. (2012). Preference for Retirement Savings Plans and Self-Regulation. Kim, H., Chair.
  • Little, C. (2012). The Presence of Family Boundary Ambiguity in Partners of Deployed Military Personnel. Werner-Wilson, R., Chair.
  • Nordquist, E. (2012). The Link between Recalled Parental Differential Treatment and Self-Worth. Hosier, A. and N. Wood, Co-Chairs.
  • Smith, L.  (2012). How State Regulations and Level of Financial Certainty Influence Adoption Rates. Hunter, J., Chair.

Merchandising, Apparel and Textiles

  • Blackwell, C. (2012)  A Family Affair: An Analysis of the Means-Seaton Family Wedding Gowns from 1885-1892. Spillman, K., chair
  • Piyakran, N. (2012). The impact of fashion blogs on family generation Y consumers' attitudes toward the purchase intention of apparel products. Wesley, S., chair



Family Sciences

  • Kankipati, V. (2012). Acculturation of Asian Indian women in the United States. Heath, C., chair
  • Kimberly, C. (2012). Three studies to investigate biopsychosocial influences on marital conflict. Werner-Wilson, R., chair.
Posted 10/3/12
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