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Across the United States, nearly 12 percent of women have clinical depression in any given year, and over their lifetime, one in five is expected to develop depression. Depression is likely more common in women because of the biological, hormonal and psychosocial factors that are unique to them.

Scientists are exploring the connection between depression and the rise and fall of estrogen, along with other hormones that may affect brain chemistry. Already, research exists that supports the fact that women are more vulnerable to depression after giving birth, during ovulation and before menstruation, and during the transition to menopause.

Women may also be more susceptible to depressive illnesses because of the stressors they face and encounter, such as work and home responsibilities, caring for children and aging parents, abuse, poverty and relationship strains.

Blue to You

Blue to You was developed through the Health Education through Extension Leadership program made possible by Senator Mitch McConnell with funds earmarked for the University of Kentucky, College of Agriculture, Lexington, KY and budgeted through the CSREES/USDA Federal Administration.