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When printing a PDF file, immediately after you click the print command in Acrobat Reader, a Print Page comes up. On that page there is a section called "Copies and Adjustments." Under Copies and Adjustments, make sure the box called "Shrink oversized pages to paper size" is NOT checked. (If this box is checked, the printed document will have margins that are slightly too wide, and the print size in the document will be smaller and harder to read.)

Drawing Out the Wisdom and Experience of Participants
A list of questions designed to elicit open-ended responses from participants. These questions are for the leader's use only.

Evaluation Instruments
A set of one-page evaluation forms, one for each module, to be given to participants. These may be included in materials packets or handed out at the end of your session.

Ground Rules for Learning Sessions
A set of simple ground rules that may be adapted for any learning session. These should be placed in materials packets or handed out to participants at the beginning of the session.

Group Activities
This is a set of 48 optional exercises and suggestions that you might wish to draw from and incorporate, depending upon your group, your goals, and your workshop structure and setting. Some involve advance preparations, such as putting together necessary materials.

A New Possibility-Action Plan
These action plans can be used to fill in a short-term goal, something that can be accomplished quickly. A sheet with two of these plans can be placed in materials packets for participants to reproduce and use regularly.

Today's Inspiration-Nine Different Inspirations
These inspirations, which appear three to a sheet, can be used as bookmarks, taped to a mirror or refrigerator, or otherwise used where they will be seen regularly and taken to heart. The three sheets, which include nine different inspirations, can be placed in materials packets for participants to use.