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of Attack on
The Healing Process


In an effort to promote understanding and healing, we have prepared the following eight full-length media articles. You may use them for newspaper articles, TV and radio spots, newsletters, articles on your website, educational meetings, faith community discussions, and as timely resources and handouts.

Article #1 - The Attack on America: Understanding the Grieving Process

Article #2 - A Nation Mourns: Suggestions for Grieving and Healing

Article #3 - In the Wake of Crisis Children Need Your Reassurance

Article #4 - In the Aftermath of Tragedy We Need to be Good Listeners

Article #5 - Anti-Islamic Prejudice Is Itself an Act of Terrorism

Article #6 - Responding to Terrorism By Being a Peacemaker

Article #7 - A Mature Response to Terrorism: The Way of Wisdom Circles

Article #8 - Tragedy Brings Out Best in America and Her People

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Original Document: Monday, September 17, 2001