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Rachael Looney 

Home Town: Louisville, Kentucky

Research Interests: Adolescent sexual behaviors

Affiliation: University of Kentucky

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Undergraduate Researchers

Past M.S. Students

Christiana Datubo Brown, M.S. (2012)

Home Town: TBA

Research Interests: The relationship between parenting processes and internalizing behaviors among youth, mental health


Brian Huei, M.S. (2010)

Home Town: Boynton Beach, Florida

Research Interests: Relationship between parenting and deviance/academic achievement in adolescence, Chinese youth from Taiwan


J. Melissa Scarpate, M.S. (2004)

Home Town: Midland City, Alabama

Research Interests: Child and family well-being, strengthening families, quality pre-K programs, family processes, single parent families, kinship support, child/adolescent developmental outcomes

Affiliation: Adjunct Faculty, Liberal Arts/Behavioral Sciences, Brevard Community College-Cocoa Campus, Cocoa, FL

Amy B. Skipper-Tatum, M.S. (2004)

Home Town: Springfield, Missouri

Research Interests: Family processes, eating disorders in adolescent females, substance abuse in juveniles, juvenile delinquency programs

Affiliation: Child/Adolescent Therapist, Auburn, Alabama

Maureen Young, M.S. (2008)

Home Town: New Orleans, Louisiana

Research Interests: Adolescent development, adolescent sexual behavior, deviance

Affiliation: Residence Hall Director, Auburn University

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