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Information Releases
Please Note: These information releases are not regularly updated and may contain outdated links.

Release Date Release Number Title Dates for Use Author MS Word
02/21/06 FEB2006.01 Health Insurance in Kentucky:  Are You at Risk?* 02/01/06-02/28/06 HEEL Staff No
02/21/06 FEB2006.02 Avian “Bird” Flu 02/21/06-03/01/06 Peggy Riley No
02/24/06 FEB2006.03 New Service Can Help You Uncover Additional Government Benefits 02/24/06-04/01/06 Lisa Hart Yes
03/06/06 MAR2006.01 Poison Prevention at Home 03/08/06-03/29/06 Peggy Riley Yes
03/10/06 MAR2006.02 Colorectal Cancer Screening Saves Lives 03/13/06-03/31/06 Lisa Hart & Vivian Lasley-Bibbs Yes
04/07/06 APR2006.01 Diabetes in Kentucky 04/01/06-04/30/06 HEEL Staff Yes
08/01/06 AUG2006.01

Summer First Aid Tips – Heat Exhaustion/Heatstroke

08/01/06-08/31/06 Lisa Hart Yes
08/01/06 AUG2006.02

Summer First Aid Tips – Sunburn

08/01/06-08/31/06 Lisa Hart Yes
08/01/06 AUG2006.03

Summer First Aid Tips – Insect Bites and Stings

08/01/06-08/31/06 Lisa Hart Yes
08/01/06 AUG2006.04

Summer First Aid Tips – Poisonous Plants

08/01/06-08/31/06 Lisa Hart Yes
08/30/06 AUG2006.05 Trans Fat and Your Health Fall 06 Jackie Walters Yes
10/1/06 OCT2006.01

Domestic Violence Awareness

10/03/06-10/31/06 Peggy Riley Yes
01/18/07 JAN2007.01 Has This Property Been Used as a Meth Lab? 01/18/07-02/18/07 Doug Burnham Yes
01/22/07 JAN2007.02

Kentucky One of Five States in Widespread Flu Region of United States

01/19/07-02/28/07 Peggy Riley Yes
01/29/07 JAN2007.03

When Someone You Love is Experiencing Depression

01/29/07-3/31/07 Doug Burnham Yes

*News Release titles that include an asterisk indicate that they are adapted from HEEL’s Monthly Adult Health Bulletins. 

The development of the HEEL program was made possible by Senator Mitch McConnell with funds earmarked for the University of Kentucky, College of Agriculture, Lexington, KY and budgeted through the CSREES/USDA Federal Administration.

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