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It's about you...

Being active each day!

Physical activity is an important part of everyday life.  Unpleasant weather is no excuse to stop moving.  Adults need at least 30 minutes of physical activity each day while children need at least 60 minutes. 

Reaching your activity goal for the day can add up.  Try short intervals of 10 minutes several times a day to keep you feeling good.  Household chores can help you build your muscle strength, flexibility, and balance.  Playing games with your children, such as Ring Around the Rosy, and climbing stairs can speed up your heart rate. 

Expensive equipment or gym memberships are not needed to be active.  Use household items such as cans for weights.  Turn on music and dance.  Don’t sit and watch television, sit up or march in place! Visit a mall or large store where you can walk.  Just keep yourself active.  Of course having an activity buddy helps to motivate you and adds fun.  



Contact your local Extension office about physical activity programs available in your county.  The following publications may provide information to help you take the first step to get moving. 

Build Your Strength

Get Moving Kentucky

Master Publication List for Health Education through Extension Leadership
where the following publications can be found:

·         Help for a Healthy Back
·         Making Physical Activity Work for You
·         Don’t Lose It- Move It
·         Physical Activity for Mind and Body
·         Fit and Flexible

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