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2008-2009 UNDERGRADUATE RESEARCH PROJECTS by Human Nutrition Students

Alcohol Consumption and Weight Gain in College Students by Christina Armstrong

Availability and Consumption of Fruits and Vegetables on the University Of Kentucky Campus by Josephine Ayayee

Childhood Obesity: A County Comparison in Kentucky by Courtney Bowlin

ENERGY” Drinks: Their Effects on the Mind and Body in College Students by William Buford

The Effects of Exercise on Preventing the “Freshman Fifteen” in Undergraduate Students of the University of Kentucky by Amber Cornett

The effects of eating a well balanced breakfast on achieving academic success in college students by Farah Deen

What Are the Effects of Age and Gender on the Population’s Attitudes and Knowledge Regarding Trans Fat Consumption? By Ashley Diamond

The Correlation Between Places of Higher Education and Caffeine Dependency by Megan Hord

The Effects of Food Choices and Nutritional Status on Game-time Performance in Female High School Basketball Players by Michelle Howard

The Relationship between Indoor Tanning and Eating Habits of College Students by Audra Isaac

Weight Gain in the College Student due to the increased frequency of Fast Food Consumption Containing a High Saturated Fat Content and Caloric Load by Blair Malench

Caffeine Consumption and Its Effects Associated with Student Employment but not GPA in College Students by Shirlena Moore

The Use of Contraceptives: What are perceptions of use and how it affects weight gain? By Kortney Osborne

Supplemental use of Hydroxycut not prevalent on college campuses by Adam Prewitt

Low-calorie snack foods show no correlation to weight loss and maintenance of college students when looked upon as an individual factor by Adele Rauen

Correlation between Energy Drink Consumption and Likelihood to Engage in Risky Behavior on a College Campus: A Research study by William Daniel Thompson

Lack of physical activity in childhood can lead to poor academic performance in college years by Mary Kendall Warner

The Effects of Supplementation and Exercise Habits in College Males by Ryan Barry

The Effects of Physical Activity on Cognition in Relation to GPA in College by J. Tyler Bolin

Stress Increases Unhealthy Food Choice Among Women by Bennicia Davis

Nutritional Side Effects of Adderall Abuse Among College Students by Scott Jacobs

Energy Balance and Metabolic Requirements in the Backcountry by Taylor Kronn

The Benefits of Magnesium on the Prevention of Migraines in College Students by Alana Marcrum

Effect of Obesity-Related Beliefs on Physical Activity, Diet, and Weight Status by Chelsea Stevens

The Effects of Nicotine: The Lack of Effects on Weight Loss and Maintenance in College Students at the University of Kentucky by Austin Tiller

Short Sleep Duration and Its Link with Body Mass Index, Physical Activity, and Stress by Jonathan Yeung

2007-2008 Undergraduate Research in Human Nutrition

Undergraduate Research in Human Nutrition 

Twenty-five seniors majoring in Human Nutrition completed undergraduate research projects during the 2007-2008 school year as part of their course curriculum.    Read the full list of topics here .


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