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2010-2011 Undergraduate Research in Nutrition and Food Science

Correlation between stress and calorie consumption by Annmarie Behr

How does the built environment of the University of Kentucky affect freshman weight gain? by Katherine Bentley

Correlation between breakfast intake and physical activity by Allison Bond

Illicit use of prescription drug Adderall among college students and its nutritional side effects by Elizabeth Bray

The effects of nutrition education on body mass index in college students by Elizabeth Clark

Consumption of caffeinated beverages and effect on body mass index in college students by Brooke Dailey

Correlation between practicing yoga and following a balanced diet by Jennifer Ernst

Alcohol consumption has no significant effects on weight gain in college students by Stephanie Fawbush

The correlation between physical activity levels and consumption of organic foods by Jeremy Gilbert

The dietary and physical activity habits of working college students by Michael Girton

A review of the correlation between instances of digestive problems/diseases and ethnicity, dietary intake, and stress level by Maggie Grisanti

Late night meals away from home associated with increased body mass index by Laura Guy

Sleep deprivation and snacking - a match made in college by Michael Haag

Correlation between relationship status and body mass index among students at the University of Kentucky by Rachel Henage

Correlation between tobacco usage and body weight in college students by Breana Hendrix

The effect of portion control on body mass index by Lauren Hodel

A comparison of the dietary consumption of college students before and after spring break by Jennifer Humkey

Correlation between college student's majors and vegetarian, vegan, and pescetarian diets by Megan Johnson

The effects of family dinner on college weight gain and body mass index by Jenna Klingenberg

The effects on health when organized sports played in high school are no longer played in college by Stephanie Laganis

Body image perception in Merchandising, Apparel, and Textile students by Tiffany Lawson

The effects of food choice on body mass index in college students living on campus and off campus by Regina Lewis

Health effects of vegetarian diets by Katherine Marx

Caffeine, its use, and its effects on student grade point average on a university campus by Alisha Moore

The effects of stress on weight in college students by Harriet Oduro

The effects of physical activity on sleep patterns and breakfast consumption of college students by Eric Pettinato

The effects of physical activity on collegiate academic performance by Abby Priddle

Correlation between the lifestyle and dietary habits of college students and dental health by Becca Quinn

The effects of stress management techniques on academic performance in college students by Nicole Scherzer

Correlation between eating breakfast and academic success of college students by Ashley Smith

A search for the most nutritious and affordable food options readily available for University of Kentucky college students by Jentry Stephens

The role of physical activity in high school students academic performance by Tracey Thackston

Microbial resistance: A snapshot of University of Kentucky hygiene and antibiotic usage by J. Luke West

Caffeine intake in college students by Leigh White

Alcohol consumption correlating with a decrease in fruit and vegetable intake in college students by Natalie Wipperman

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