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2012 News

Spring Semester Spotlight

Natalie Mucker - Dietetics Intern

Natalie MuckerNatalie Mucker is a dietetics major in the coordinated program. She is currently completing her three semester supervised practice program. In an electronically mediated interview she shares her experiences with us:

Where are you completing your internship/supervised practice program?

UK Polk-Dalton Clinic
UK Cooperative Extension Service- Gallatin County

UK Dining Services
Harrison Memorial Hospital

What is your typical day as an intern like?

"Right now I am completing the second part of my community nutrition rotation at the Gallatin County Extension Office. Every day is different! I interact with a variety of age groups, from working 4-H Health Fairs to teaching at the Senior Center. Weekly, I attend many different meetings with my preceptor, give feedback on food journals for participants in the local weight loss competition, and work on curriculum for future classes I am teaching. Overall, I'm having a fantastic experience!"

What is one of the things you learned as a student that you use often as an intern?

"Outside of the knowledge I obtained as a student, I would say the confidence I gained during undergrad is something that helps me every day. It sounds silly but in the back of my mind I'm thinking, ‘Okay, I passed Organic Chemistry and Medical Nutrition Therapy. I must be competent enough to teach these seniors about counting carbohydrates.'"

If you could share one piece of advice for other students in you major who are preparing to complete an internship what would it be?

"Be organized! If you're not, start now. If you are, keep up with it. Transitioning from student to the "real world" was intimidating to me, and I struggled that first 40-hour week. Being organized every day is beyond helpful."

Posted 2/28/12
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