Horse Shoes


Steel Inside-rim Shoe

Commonly called a Polo Shoe, as it it primarily used on Polo horses. It provides better traction, turns, and better break-over. Signature higher inside rim.

Steel Outside-rim Shoe

Commonly called a Barrel Shoe, as it is primarily used on horses that Barrel race. The groove still fills with dirt, but the difference is that this type of shoe has more cup to it and will give the horse more traction when leaving a turn. It has a higher front or "outside" rim.

Steel Heart Bar

Provides 360 support to the horses limb through the additional support of a frog plate.† Reduces stress on hoof wall and places more weight on the frog. Used in serious cases of lameness, such as founder.

Steel Sliding Plate

The sliding plate is a hind shoe used to assist Reining horses in their slide stops. The shoe is anywhere from 3/4-1 1/8 inch wide and extends anywhere from 1/4-1 inch beyond the heel.

Keg Shoe

A common name for pre-manufactured shoes. The shoes come either with or without clips. Does not account for various sizes or manufactures.

Keg Shoe With Side Clips and Screw-in Studs

Hoof Nipper

Screw-in studs aid in providing more traction. Studs can be driven in or screwed in if they are only temporary. Used mainly in the heels, but can also be used at the toe.

Straight-Bar Shoe

A straight-bar shoe is used in horses who need more support in the heel area due to mild lameness associated with sheared heals, low heels, quarter cracks or to protect the seat of corn.

Aluminum Straight-Bar

Has the same application as a steel straight-bar shoe, except that is is lighter in weight.

Egg-Bar Shoe

An egg-bar horseshoe is a therapeutic shoe that is used for horses with problems such as navicular disease, collapsed heel, and flexor tendon strains. The shoe gets itís name from itís egg shape.

Aluminum Toe Grab Shoe

Used in Quarter Horse racing, the toe grab is designed to provide extra traction while racing.

Aluminum Toe Grab and Heel Calks

A racing plate shoe used on mostly Quarter horses. The heel calks help lift the heels for added support and the toe grab provides additional traction for that instant acceleration.

Hand-made Mule Shoe With Heel Calks.

Mules have narrower feet than horses, and the heel calks are used to help add traction for the rigorous mountain work.

Draft Horse Shoe With Calks and Toe-clip

Toe clips help keep the shoe on these large horses and the heel calks aid in providing more traction.

Scotch-bottom Draft-horse Shoe, Heel Calks and Toe-clip

Helps to turn the toes out and tightens up the hocks on the large horses to avoid interference. The clip helps keep the shoe on the heel calks provide additional traction.